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Asset Managment & Safety (AMS)

Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Asset Management & Safety


Q: What is Asset Management & Safety (AMS)?

A: The Survitec AMS offering includes products, services and maintenance for lifting and engineering, hydraulics, HAVs testing, tooling, personal protection equipment, height safety equipment, and hiring. These assets are all managed using the Survitec C-SAM system to ensure all maintenance, inspections and history are logged securely. Customers have access to their assets on C-SAM, anywhere, anytime. Included in the AMS offering is both Survitec and a large and comprehensive 3rd party product range to our customers. Survitec is a fully certified distributor of these 3rd party products.

Q: What sectors does AMS operate in?

A: AMS operates in a variety of industries including military vehicle, vessel and aircraft maintenance, rail, offshore, nuclear, construction, boats, renewables, wind, and utilities. Survitec also provide bespoke products and services within these sectors.


Q: What services does AMS offer?

A: Survitec AMS provides a wide variety of engineering services throughout the UK, on site and in house (on and offshore) covering Hand Arm Vibration & PAT testing, electrical/mechanical crane services, lifting and height safety inspection and testing, tooling and hydraulic maintenance & repair.


Q: What is the C-SAM asset management system?

A: C-SAM sits at the core of AMS. It is a unique asset management system which allows Survitec and customers to track assets, view certificates, manuals, servicing schedules and history of any product. Customers can view all of this with an app on their mobile or online to access their product information quickly and easily.


Q: What 3rd party brands do you supply?

A: Survitec supply a wide range of 3rd party brands including Metabo, Hilti, Atlas Copco, Crewsaver, MSA Latchways, Bosch, Enerpac, Tractel, Van Beest, Pferd, Desoutter, Milwaukee, William Hackett, Ridgegear and more.


Q: Are all products that are available for purchase also available for hire?

A: Most products are available for hire, however, larger and more permanent installation products are not available for hire, such as a gantry crane.


Q: When is hiring a better option than purchasing?

A: If customers wish to use a piece of equipment for a single application but cannot justify the purchase costs, or if they require the equipment but do not want the burden of ownership for maintenance and certification, hiring is the optimal route.

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