Frequently asked questions about Survitec fire extinguishers


Q: What Are Common Causes of Fires on a vessel?

A: Some of the most common causes of ship fires include; engine malfunction, poor eletrical wiring, kitchen equipment and combustible cargo.


Q: How many Fire Extinguishers are required on a vessel?

A: It is totally dependent on the vessel. This will be outline in SOLAS on how many are required, however, should you not be able to find this information contact ->


Q: What fire systems are available from Survitec?

A: Survitec offer a varied range of fire systems designed for a range of vessel types. These include water mist, CO2, deck foam, high expansion foam, dry chemical powder and much more. Read our fire extinction, protection and detection brochure to find the fire system that will suit your requirements ->


Q: What fire system is required on my vessel?

A: To find the right fire system for your vessel, read our Fire Extinction, Protection and Detection brochure and read from page 10. Here we outline the suitable systems and vessel types to suit your requirements -> Brochure


Q: Which fire extinguisher should I use?

A: It depends on the fire and the circumstances. View our fire extinguishers to determine the suitable extinguisher for your application


Q: How often do I need to replace my fire extinguisher?

A: Because fire extinguishers come in different sizes, are made of different materials, and contain different extinguishing agents, there isn’t a standard timeframe for replacing them. The best way to make sure your extinguishers are usable is to have them inspected annually. Then, subjecting the cylinders to internal inspections, pressure tests, and recharge services roughly every six years can keep them in service for decades. However, you should replace your fire extinguishers if you ever notice problems during an inspection, such as a rusty or corroded cylinder, missing or damaged components, inaccurate gauge readings, or missing inspection label. If a cylinder fails a pressure test, this is also an indication that you should discard it and replace it with a new one.