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Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Healthcare Solutions


Q: What products are included within the Healthcare Solutions product range?

A: Survitec supplies both Sterile and Non-Sterile Surgical Isolation Gowns, sanitising dispensers, body disposal bags and a Healthcare SurviKit Bag which includes fundamental safety equipment in a small waterproof bag.


Q: What Medical Gowns do Survitec offer?

A: Survitec now offers both a Sterile and a Non-Sterile Surgical Gown. These two gowns have the same design and function but are composed of different materials.


Q: What materials are the Gowns made of?

A: The Sterile Surgical Gown is constructed of a Polyethylene Spunbound Non-Woven material with a Polyethylene outer film, while the Non-Sterile Surgical Gown is constructed of a Polyester Tricot with a Polyethylene membrane.


Q: What standards are the Gowns qualified to?

A: The Survitec gowns are tested and certified to UK and USA standards and certifications. For the UK, they’re certified to ISO13975 Part 1 and ISO16604 and for the USA they’re certified to ISO, ASTM and CPSC standards.


Q: Why aren’t the Gowns reusable?

A: The gowns cannot be reused as the process for cleaning and re-sterilisation of the garment is outside Survitec’s control and would require qualification. This process is very likely to be more expensive than the cost of a new gown.

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