Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Liferafts


Q: How do I match up liferaft capacity with the number of crew aboard?

A: The capacity of the required liferaft must be the same or greater than the number of crew. For example, as there are no seven person liferafts available, a seven person crew requires an eight person liferaft. It is not acceptable to have a six person liferaft and a survival suit. A crew of twelve requires a twelve person liferaft or two (2) six person liferafts or a combination of a four and an eight person liferaft.


Q: Where is my nearest service station?

A: Use our handy service station map at this link here

Q: Can I get an extension for your extended service interval liferaft?

A: Any request for extension on the service due date of a Liferaft certificate is dealt with by your relevant Flag Authority. For extended Service Interval Liferafts, MSC.1/Circ.1328 paragraph 4.1 clearly states that Liferafts approved and certified for extended service intervals pursuant to SOLAS regulation III/20.8.3 should be serviced at an OEM approved service station at intervals not exceeding 30 months. Classification on this point should be sought from Flag Authority.


Q: How long does it take to service my liferaft?

A: If you have a preference to have a Liferaft serviced rather than exchanged the typical time taken would be between 24 to 48 hours.
I only have a short time in port, can you swap my liferaft for another that is already serviced? If your time in Port is limited, exchange of the Liferaft due a service, for an identical one already serviced with a new certificate (12 or 30 months depending on rafts type) is available through both local and global Liferaft Rental programmes.


Q: Do you have deployment instructions for my Liferaft?

A: Yes. We have deployment instructions for each type of Liferaft. These are also sent out with supply of each new Liferaft as well as being available on request.


Q: Where do I get a due date list for the lifed items inside my Raft?

A: The various lifed items integral to a liferaft have varying due dates all in access of the certificate due date of the raft itself. The documentation detailing due date for each lifed item is available by speaking to your local Survitec representative from Customer Services or your Survitec account manager.


Q: Please can I get copies of Approval Documents Mod B & Mod D?

A: Type Approval Module B EC Type Examination Certificate documents are supplied with each new Liferaft and also duplicates available on request from your Survitec representative from Customer Services or your Survitec account manager. Likewise Module D (Production Quality Assurance of the Council Directive 96/98/EC on marine Equipment)

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