Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Load Carriage


Q: What products are included within the Load Carriage range?

A: The Survitec Load Carriage and Protection range includes the Armoured Aircrew Life Preserver, Combat Helicopter Life Preserver and Boarding Vest.


Q: To what standard is the armour accredited to?

A: The Survitec hard body armour is an anatomically designed hard armoured plate certified to NIJ level IV.


Q: What buoyancy capabilities do the products have?

A: The Armoured Aircrew Life Preserver and Combat Helicopter Life Preserver have a buoyancy of 150N while the Boarding Vest is capable of 220N.


Q: Do the Load Carriages provide self-righting ability?

A: The Survitec Load Carriage life preservers feature self-righting capability within 5 seconds of contact with water.


Q: Do Survitec offer both hard and soft armour options?

A: Survitec products support both soft and hard armour to ensure the wearer has the maximum level of protection.

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