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Military Boats

Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Military Boats


Q: What military boats do Survitec offer?

A: Survitec offers a range of inflatable and semi-rigid hull (RHIB) inflatable boats ranging in sizes from a 2.3m inflatable to 8.6m RHIB. With 22 different sizes, there’s a military boat suitable for any requirement.


Q: What is the difference between an Inflatable and a Semi-Rigid inflatable boat?

A: An inflatable boat is in principle foldable and in most cases features a floor that is inserted into the boat skin. This is for easy transport and small packing dimensions. A semi rigid boat is built based on a rigid hull and then features an outer buoyancy (air or foam filled).


Q: What approvals/certification do Survitec Military inflatable boats carry?

A: The boats are engineered to DIN ISO standards and arrive to customers with CE certification and quality approval from DSB / Survitec for each boat. Some military applications also ask the boats to meet additional relevant certifications for lifting gear, load points, etc. These can be provided if required.


Q: What is the typical service life of a boat?

A: The service life of an inflatable and a semi-rigid boat depends on the grade of use and service/ maintenance. Survitec boats are made from materials that meet the highest industry standards and it is common to see boats that exceed 15 years in service.


Q: What servicing do the Military boats require?

A: Service on inflatable boats should include visual, functional inspection and buoyancy air holding test, while service on RHIBs should also include inspection on outfit, electronics and engines as per manufacturer recommendation. As for the boat itself the accessories like ropes etc, are continually inspected at every use by the user (seamanship).


Q: Where can I get my Military boat serviced?

A: Survitec Military boats can be serviced at a designated servicing centre. Please get in touch with your local servicing representative.


Q: Are spare parts available for the Military boats?

A: Generally speaking, most customers ask for a 15 years spare part availability in which Survitec meets or exceeds these demands. 

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