Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Military Life Preservers


Q: What products are included in the Survitec Military Life Preserver range?

A: Survitec offer a wide range of single and twin chamber life preservers including the XTP290, Special Forces, General Service, Assault Troop and Hazardous Duty life preservers.


Q: What approvals do these products hold?

A: Survitec life preservers meet the required approvals for their desired purpose. The XTP290, CDLJ, EFLJ, CFLJ and RCLJ are approved to ISO standards.


Q: What is the life preserver life span on average?

A: On average, a life preserver will last around 5 years but in harsh environments it could be as low as 6 months. If the life preserver is in an abandonment station in a sealed container it could be up to 15 years.


Q: Are there any spare parts available with the products?

A: All parts are standard and new ones are available for purchase at your nearest Survitec hub to your location.


Q: How often should a life preserver be serviced?

A: Survitec advises that all lifejackets must be serviced annually at an approved service station. It is recommended that you contact the service station direct to arrange the service of your life preserver.

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