Anchored in hope: Crewsaver donates 100% of profits from sales of new pink lifejackets to fight against breast cancer



Crewsaver, Survitec’s leading lifejacket brand, has unveiled a special edition of their iconic Crewfit 165N Sport lifejacket in vibrant pink, raising awareness and vital funds for breast cancer awareness with 100% of sales being donated to Cancer Research UK.

Drawn to the unwavering beacon of hope offered by Cancer Research UK, this disease, much like tumultuous waves, threatens lives and disrupts the tranquillity of families across the globe. A limited quantity of the unique lifejackets has been manufactured, proudly displaying the pink ribbon symbol synonymous with breast cancer. They are exclusively available via a donation link through a dedicated funding page, with a minimum donation of £100.

The Crewfit 165N Sport is compact, lightweight, and packed with essential safety features to ensure the wearer remains as safe as possible when out on the water. Its unique bladder shape ensures the wearer is rotated into a face-up position, even if unconscious. With Fusion 3D technology for a customised fit, it offers unbeatable safety and comfort, ideal for everyday recreational boaters.

Isabel George, Marketing Manager at Survitec, said: “Our collaboration with Cancer Research UK underscores our dedication to making a meaningful impact in the fight against breast cancer. We aim to raise a minimum of £15,000 by donating all sales and profits of this Crewfit 165 Sport lifejacket to support vital research initiatives, leveraging Survitec's resources and expertise to contribute significantly to this important cause.

“The pink Crewfit 165N Sport lifejacket is exclusively available via a dedicated fundraising page, with a minimum donation of £100. It's more than just a transaction; it's a meaningful contribution to breast cancer research, with every donation directly supporting Cancer Research UK's efforts.”

Breast cancer impacts people of all genders and ranks as the most prevalent cancer among females in the UK. With approximately 55,900 new cases reported annually, that equates to over 150 diagnoses daily.

Christina Griffiths, Fundraising Manager for Cancer Research UK, said: “We are grateful for Crewsaver’s commitment to shining a spotlight on how our research is making an incredible difference right now in improving outcomes for people affected by cancer. Work carried out by Cancer Research UK underpins many of today’s treatments for breast cancer and has helped save thousands of lives.

“Breast cancer survival over the last 40 years has nearly doubled and today, 8 in 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive their disease for 10 years or more. That’s in part due to the incredible efforts of our fundraisers such as Crewsaver and we are grateful for their support so that we can continue our life-saving research to find kinder and better treatments.”

Beyond offering the exclusive Crewfit 165N Sport lifejacket, Crewsaver is entering an all-female team in the upcoming Sea Angling Classic. Decked out in vibrant pink Crewsaver lifejackets, the team is set to champion awareness for the cause throughout the competition.

To purchase this special edition Crewfit 165N Sport lifejacket, make a minimum donation of £100 through Crewsaver’s fundraising page. The lifejackets will be shipped in June 2024.