SONICS Bio-Skin World Tour


The new SONICS Bio-Skin has travelled across 3 continents to date on its global tour, with Survitec showcasing the new innovation to a large number of Defence organisations interested in obtaining the very latest technology capable of combating CBRN threats.  Launched officially at IDEX in Abu Dhabi under the new SONICS CBRN business, the suit has been shown in the aircrew configuration in a split display that shows both a pilot's over garments along with the Bio-Skin underneath. 


Abu Dhabi, UAE - IDEX, February 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands - SAFE Europe, April 2017

Singapore - MiliPol Asia-Pacific, April 2017

London, England - CBRNe Convergence Europe, May 2017

Kielce, Poland - MSPO 2017


London, England - DSEI, Sept 2017


Edgewood, Maryland - NDIA CBRN Defence Conference and Exhibition 




Indianapolis, Indiana - CBRNe Convergence

Birmingham, England - Emergency Services Show 2017

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