Survitec help Connecticut SWAT Challenge raise their game with a unique, live and realistic training measure


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Working in partnership with Inflatable Wall Company Survitec supplied the event organisers with the Inflatable Walls, a rapidly deployable system with the ability to replicate a number of CQB scenarios

For many years in the tactical community in the Northeast, SWAT Operators have spoken of the importance of having joint SWAT training and SWAT competitions. The intrinsic value of SWAT Challenges can be measured on a variety of levels. Tactics, movement techniques, equipment trends, professional contacts, inter-agency familiarization, fitness levels and shooting proficiency are just a few of the areas that can be positively impacted by a SWAT Challenge

Check out FOX 61 news footage of the event

In order to get the most out of this exercise it is critical the operators in attendance have access to the very latest tactical training equipment to properly recreate a real live emergency situation. "It's the closest thing they get to a real call out," said Lt. Jeremy Clark, the co-director of the Connecticut SWAT Challenge. "It's something that happens fast and it's the real world," Clark added.

This year the teams were transported from Simsbury to a residence in West Hartford by Eagle One, a Fairfield based chopper, and, arriving at an expansive field by the house, their challenge began.

"The suspect has a hostage and imminent danger is about to happen and they have to act in this scenario very quickly," Clark said. West Hartford officer Shane McAvay said "it provides great training for some great operators from all over the country." Central to that training was the IWC Professional Range Inflatable Walls, provided by Survitec. Manufactured for IWC by Survitec, the Inflatable Walls are a rapidly deployable solution that can be scaled to recreate any live shooter or CBQ environment. The robust material is resistant to all types of training ammunition and can be set up anywhere.

Speaking at the event, Survitec US SOCOM & Law Enforcement Business Development Director Scott Williams commented "The SWAT challenge is an extremely important event for the tactical operators in this region, and we were delighted when we got the opportunity to contribute to this valuable exercise. It enables a variety of law enforcement agencies to prepare for a number of different situations, each with their own unique challenges and complexities. The Inflatable Walls are the only system capable of catering for these challenges, in a rapid and highly realistic manner. The Walls can be reconfigured several times throughout the day to ensure training never gets repetitive and remains at a consistently high level".

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