Survitec’s Seahaven receives Lloyd’s register type approval certification


Survitec Seahaven receives CoC from Lloyds register.jpg

Survitec’s Seahaven, the world’s largest inflatable lifeboat, is now ready to be installed on cruise vessels, having received full type approval certification from classification society Lloyd’s Register.

A Certificate of Type Approval was presented by Lloyds Register Chief Operations Officer Mark Darley to Mark Cotton, Survitec Sales Director during the SMM trade fair, which is taking place this week, in Hamburg, Germany

Certification follows the successful the completion of heavy weather sea trials (HWST) in December, and all environmental and physical testing concluded in April as defined by Lloyd’s Register Type Approval (A.520).

Seahaven is unique in that it is the first lifeboat to have completed an exhaustive reliability testing programme that far exceeds the mandatory testing requirements set out by SOLAS.

“We are delighted to receive Lloyd’s Register Type Approval,” said Cotton. “The Certificate of Type Approval signifies all required regulatory testing has been successfully completed. Receiving this certificate is a significance achievement both for Survitec and the maritime industry at large.”

Certification not only confirms Seahaven is compliant with the International Maritime Organization’s stringent rules for the evacuation of cruise ship passengers and crew, but it offers industry an alternative to the traditional lifeboat arrangement.

The award-winning 1,060-capacity inflatable lifeboat solution takes all the safety features associated with a conventional lifeboat and MES arrangement. With the compact design and higher evacuation capability of Seahaven, up to 85% of cruise ship deck space is freed up yielding up to $8.4 million increased revenue per year for cruise operators.

Richard McCormick, AES and MES Product Manager at Survitec, said: “Commercially, the Seahaven journey is really just beginning. Since we officially launched this ground-breaking technology earlier this year, we have advanced our discussions with key industry players on the numerous benefits and the value of installing Seahaven onboard their vessels.”

“Seahaven not only redefines safety at sea but also revolutionises the vessel design and the cruise experience,” he said. “Cruise ship operators and naval architects are already looking at remodelling the space normally given to conventional lifeboats and davits for additional cabins, enhanced passenger experience and revenue generating opportunities.”

Mark Darley, Chief Operations Officer at Lloyd’s Register, said: “Survitec’s Seahaven inflatable lifeboat solution is a breakthrough in innovative space saving design and will present significant opportunities for cruise ship owners whilst prioritising safety at sea. Lloyd’s Register are extremely proud to award Type Approval Certification to Survitec for this design.”

Representatives from Survitec will be available to discuss in detail the space-saving safety attributes of Seahaven and other Survival Technology solutions on Stand 528, in Hall B of the SMM trade fair, which takes place this week at Hamburg Messe + Congress.