Survitec supports prime video’s ‘The rig’ with survival technology


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Global Survival Technology solutions provider Survitec lent its expertise in offshore personal protective equipment (PPE) to the recent production of Prime Video’s ‘The Rig’, a series set on a fictional North Sea oil rig.

The Rig’s Wild Mercury production team of the six-part supernatural thriller approached Survitec to provide suits and lifejackets in helping to depict an offshore setting.

Survitec 1000S Passenger immersion suits and Crewsaver Seacrewsader lifejackets were deployed from the company’s rental fleet, which can be seen on screen worn by the show’s crew.

Richard Gordon, Account Manager, Survitec, said, “Although the primary purpose of most series is to entertain, health and safety is a fundamental value in the offshore industry. As a safety partner to many leading offshore energy companies, we’re delighted that our Survival Technology features in the series to enhance the realism of offshore operations regardless of the plot.”

The show combines spectacle, supernatural mystery and explicit environmentalism, such as climate change, fossil fuels and the continued dependence of the rig workers and their Scottish community on North Sea oil. The Rig’s plot centres around the crew as they are about to return to land, but a mysterious fog rolls through the rig, cutting off all communication with the outside world. As the crew works to figure out what’s going on, allegiances are formed, they question loyalties and bonds are broken.

Richard Gordon added, “I must admit it was a slightly different customer request than usual! And it’s created a buzz within our teams, especially in our Aberdeen and Peterhead offices. The North Sea is an intensely beautiful but hostile place. We believe it will continue to capture the imagination of filmmakers and people worldwide.”

Survitec has previously supported TV and film projects set in the North Sea. The company also supported the Norwegian blockbuster Nordsjøen (2021), featuring suits from Survitec’s Hansen Protection brand.