Survitec to Exhibit at SAFE US Symposium


Global safety and survival solutions provider Survitec will be exhibiting at the SAFE US Symposium in Reno, Nevada 14-16th October. The 57th annual show provides a platform for aircrew industry and military personnel to share a diverse range of aircrew specific products and services available globally.

Survitec will showcase for the first time at the show, the Desert Warrior load carriage system. The Desert Warrior load carriage and protection system has been designed for use on rotary wing platforms in warm climate and sand environments and features a slim, detachable stole assembly with up to 220N and customised levels of contoured hard/soft armour protection while keeping a low profile. The system has been designed with a strong focus on thermal comfort, ergonomic protection, intelligent floataion and true modularity to ensure optimum safety, survival and combat performance for front and rear aircrew.

Also on display will be the F-35 Pilot Flight Ensemble which includes flight jackets, anti-g garments, lightweight coverall, cold water immersion suit, chemical and biological protection suit, thermal protection layer and cooling garment to provide the highest level of protection during all flight operations. The F-35 is tailored and fitted at the Survitec Pilot Fit Facilities scattered around the US and saw the 1,000th pilot fitted back in June this year.

Also on display will be the standard single seat liferaft designed for single-person occupancy for use in the most extreme circumstances. The liferaft is suitable for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts as well as submarine operations and asserts minimal weight and stowage for critical mission success.


Survitec is exhibiting on stand 332/334 at the show and welcomes all attendees.


For more information on our attendance at the show or any of the products above, please contact:

Danielle Owen, Marketing Executive