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Survitec are the original design authority and industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of marine evacuation systems (MES) - a reputation that has been built up over many years through leading the way in innovation and offering unparalleled levels of safety. All of our systems are; robustly tested, exceptionally rugged, compliant with the latest approval standards and most importantly offer superior levels of reliability and increased confidence.

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MES reliability

Discover how reliability applies to the whole through-life supply of marine evacuation systems, from design through to testing, manufacturing, delivery, commissioning, as well as operational servicing and MES training.


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S Reliability Design

Exceptional design

Whether designing a brand-new marine evacuation system or modifying existing products, it starts with design, applying clear methodology carefully reviewing data and drawing on experience and learnings to enhance our MES design. Throughout the design phase our highly experienced team works to clearly defined objectives actioned in a strict project management process.

S Reliability Testedtothelimits

Tested to the limits

Following the design phase, detailed prototypes are created and extensively tested to engineer out any problems ensuring the design objectives are met. In accordance with SOLAS, all MES are tested to MSC 81(70) heavy sea conditions. These trials simulate real-life emergency scenarios putting tremendous strain and pressure on the systems in force 6 winds with minimum 3-metre wave heights. Once successfully passed, the product moves into the manufacturing phase.

S Reliability Approvals

Industry approvals and standards

Once an MES successfully passes heavy weather sea trials, the system enter a rigorous process to obtain approval from worldwide class and flag societies. Importantly, Survitec is the only company to hold ISO9001, MED Mod B & D and AS9100 Aero standard certification meaning that by default, our marine evacuation systems are manufactured to the higher AS9100 Aero standard.

S Reliability Manufacturing

Quality manufacturing

To ensure product quality and consistency we continually monitor the manufacturing process with both internal and independent teams in place to perform in process inspection and testing, as well as end of line testing. We also have cross-functional reviews built into the process providing opportunities to ensure we deliver on quality of our processes and the end product.

S Reliability Packed

Packed & stowed with care

To mitigate the risk of human error once the marine evacuation system have been manufactured, Survitec employ packing and stowage teams utilising an in depth instructional checklist along with a buddy system to ensure conformity throughout this key process. As an extra measure, we also have an independent marshal process in place for all packing and stowage loading activity.

S Reliability Experts

Expert installation & deployment

Successful installation of systems is vitally important. If any one component does not perform, it could jeopardise the integrity of the MES completely not to mention the lives of those who depend on it in an emergency. It is imperative that MES are correctly installed. During this stage, any issues no matter how small are captured in our robust 5Y and corrective action process to understand and deal with the root cause of any problems.

S Reliability Smallmap

Consistent servicing levels

Survitec take responsibility and care for our customers seriously right the way through the vessel’s life. Regardless of location, our highly trained MES service technicians adhere to Survitec’s meticulous standards. Two approved technicians must sign off any work undertaken. To maintain service station standards, Survitec audits all stations every three years as a minimum and for our larger MES solutions, we audit these approved service stations annually.

S Reliability Training

Comprehensive training solutions

In addition to building systems and procedures to ensure reliability, we provide comprehensive crew training solutions either onshore or on-board customer’s vessels. These courses cover operational procedures required to deploy the marine evacuation system. We also provide system manuals and training videos.

S Reliability Solutions



Survitec MES solutions are designed for a wide range of marine market requirements including cruise, ferry and offshore. Each system is custom-made to match your vessel taking into consideration your exact vessel requirements including vessel type, regulatory compliance, evacuation height and number of passengers to name a few, Survitec will protect your interests.

Our product range includes: 

Our extensive range of marine evacuation systems can accommodate between 50 and 860 persons ranging from evacuation heights of 1.5 metres up to 33 metres utilising slide and chute-based technology depending on the product and vessel requirements. 

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Survitec’s roots trace back over 160+ years with 2020 marking 100 years since the introduction of inflatable survival technology. Our fascinating MES story starts some years later in 1920, when Reginald Foster Dagnall, an experienced balloonist and airship pilot, put his engineering flair and innovative thinking to work founding RFD (now known as Survitec).

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