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We've transformed your cruise safety

Seahaven is redefining evacuation at sea. Borne from the collaboration of our aerospace, defence and maritime Survival Technology expertise, our two-lifeboat system is complementary to MES and evacuates up to 1,060 passengers in under 22 minutes. Rewriting what’s possible in terms of safety, reliability, and deck footprint in one revolutionary product, Seahaven means a new era of potential for the passenger industry.

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Key Features


  • Unlocks up to 85% more deck space
  • Stowage footprint of 16.3 x 3.6 m
  • Evacuates up to 1,060 passengers
  • Evacuation time under 22 minutes
  • Launches at the push of a button
  • Deployable in under four minutes
  • Travels independently for 24 hours
  • Travel speed up to six knots
  • SOLAS emergency packs contained

Seahaven 1060 evacuation capacity

Seahaven - deployed in under 4 minutes

24 hours

Transform your safety

Rapid evacuation

We’ve harnessed revolutionary helical slide-based technology and with rapid 4-minute deployment and the ability to accommodate 1,060, your passengers and crew can quickly, safely, and comfortably evacuate. Watch our video to see how Seahaven deploys in less than four minutes.

Safe to operate and maintain

Seahaven is intrinsically safe, and our HWST-proven solution can be launched by your crew with a push of a button. We’ve designed a system that automatically inflates, minimising crew actions and the need for human interaction.

Improved passenger experience

A safe solution for all ages, sizes and abilities, the passenger's experience in an emergency is critical to protecting lives at sea and has been at the forefront of our design. You can be certain that evacuation with Seahaven is rapid, safe and intuitive.




Your deck space unlocked

Seahaven opens up all kinds of vessel design possibilities, freeing up deck space and enabling ship designers and operators to explore retrofit opportunities, to completely reimagine your on-board environments and passengers' cruise experiences. By replacing conventional lifeboats and davits, you can take back up to 85% of deck space to revolutionise your passenger experience. Think of what could be possible with a reduced footprint of 16.3 x 3.6 metres fitted into a single deck.


  • 22 lifeboats could be replaced with just four Seahaven, resulting in an additional 884m2 deck space.
  • 80 obstructed view cabins could be turned into luxury balcony cabins, increasing annual revenue by $8.4 million.


Beyond the standards for reliability

Our people make the difference

Over five years in the making, Seahaven is tried, tested and trusted by our 30 world-class marine engineers. Our product draws on advanced technologies to ensure reliability at the core of the design and keep your passengers and crew safe should the worst happen. 

Operational efficiencies

Throughout the lifecycle of Seahaven, you will benefit from operational efficiencies and from extended service duration, reducing disruption to your vessel operations. What’s more, on-board crew inspections and maintenance will also be reduced.

We go beyond compliance

As a compliance driven industry, we understand our duty of care to your safe operation. We work beyond the standard to build long-term valuable partnerships with you.


Seahaven reliability

Trust a global, valued partner


Latest News

Seahaven is ready to be installed on your next vessel

We have received our Certificate of Type Approval, presented by Lloyd’s Register during the SMM trade fair in Hamburg, Germany.

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