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Dry docking is a huge drain on your time and resources. You have to consider the different flag, class and OEM requirements; assess the current state of equipment onboard your vessel; source the requisite parts and coordinate multiple suppliers to ensure the work completes on time. It takes you months of meticulous planning to ensure your vessel leaves dry dock on schedule and certified safe to sail.









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Let us take the strain

As experts in Survival Technology, we can take care of all your safety servicing requirements from start to finish.

All we need to know is your vessel’s IMO number and where and when you plan to dry dock.

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Expert support from start to finish

With over 100 years’ experience as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we have an in-depth understanding of safety equipment, and a detailed knowledge of the corresponding class, flag and vessel requirements.

As part of our personalised service we will:

  • review the regulated scope
  • collect the current paperwork
  • assess your requirements & set out a recommended schedule of work
  • liaise with the yard & suppliers
  • order the requisite parts
  • perform the service
  • deliver the certification

Is your vessel due for dry docking?

Contact us now for a quote. Simply click on the button, fill in your vessel's IMO number and your contact details and we will get back to you with an initial quote.


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All your onboard safety requirements from one expert safety provider

We cover the full range of safety equipment onboard your vessel – from fire protection and suppression systems, through loose fire equipment, to lifeboats, liferafts, lifesaving appliances and beyond – with accreditation from all the major class societies for multibrand service inspections.

Whether you operate a tanker or a cruise liner, you can rely on us to identify and coordinate all your safety servicing needs, with the extra benefits this brings. You can harmonise your due dates, and rely on uniform certification across your inventory to simplify compliance. You can spend less time on administration and free up time and resources to spend on your core business.


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Complete your dry dock safety service on time, every time. Global coverage, with flexibility built in

Before the service

We arrange a pre-inspection visit or call to assist with planning. A technician from our service station network will board your vessel during normal port operations to map the equipment and collect the documentation. All to ensure we deliver a cost-efficient, safety-first service that enables your vessel to leave dry dock on schedule, with a clean certificate.

During the service

If we discover any unexpected problems or identify any additional work vital for the safety of your vessel and crew, we can leverage our global supply chain to source the requisite parts and avoid delay. If we encounter any issues that cannot be resolved while your vessel is in dry dock, our technicians will ensure your ship is fit to sail and will follow-up at the next convenient port of call.


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Spread the costs of Dry Docking

We offer a range of safety servicing agreements to help you spread the costs of your dry dock safety service, allowing you to budget more easily. Interested to know more?




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