Speach mark icon Ensure your safety survival equipment works as expected every time with fully qualified maintenance personnel

In an emergency, lives depend on the proper functioning of any individual component of their safety survival equipment, such as the correct inflation of a life preserver or the integrity of an immersion suit’s thermal properties. It is essential the equipment is maintained, repaired and modified in a competent and accurate manner.  

Survitec offer a comprehensive range of training services that include the complete through-life support of safety survival equipment, compliance/accreditation frameworks and personal skills development. Training is benchmarked against CAA/FAA/EASA best practice and is delivered by a team of highly qualified training engineers with both practical and theoretical knowledge.


Unrivalled Training

All servicing technicians undertake necessary training so they conduct their duties of servicing to the Survitec standard


Course Duration

Training courses typically last from 1-5 days. Duration depends on specific requirements of the service station


Convenient Location

The Survitec Aviation training centre is located in England, UK: Survitec Group 1-5 Beaufort Road Birkenhead, Merseyside CH41 1HQ


Training Programme

Survitec's Aviation Equipment training includes a range of courses including:

-Health & Safety
-Removal and unpacking
-Inspection and checks
-Assembly and repacking
-Assessment on full service by instructor

The Survitec global footprint
Support, anywhere, anytime

With over 3,000 employees and over 600 locations worldwide, Survitec operate the largest safety survival service and restock network in the world.  This enables us to deploy our capability anywhere on the globe, and offer our customers a servicing and restock hub in virtually any country.