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From planning, through construction, to commissioning and beyond, we aim to deliver an unparalleled, safety-first service to set up your new vessel for a lifetime of safety at sea. We work closely with research institutions, regulatory bodies and class societies to keep abreast of industry trends and legislative requirements and to stay at the forefront of innovation in survival technology. As a result, you can depend upon us for up-to-the-minute advice and recommendations around compliance and a full range of high-quality, SOLAS-compliant safety equipment. Plus, once your vessel is operational, an unrivalled global network to keep your crew, ship and cargo safe throughout many years at sea. Find out how we can support you across the entire lifecycle of your ship. Watch our video now.

An expert safety partner at your service for the lifetime of your vessel



We can help scope your requirements and provide you with a total fire protection and safety management package.

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The adoption of alternative fuels and increased use of ionised batteries bring new safety challenges requiring new solutions.

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High-performance equipment from the expert in
Survival Technology

We work to the highest standards of safety so that you can rely on:

  • a broad product portfolio that covers all your marine safety requirements, from fire protection systems to lifesaving appliances, with full warranties for total confidence and peace of mind.
  • consistently high quality. We develop and deliver robust equipment with strict adherence to rigorous R&D and quality control protocols, partnering only with those suppliers whose safety values and standards match our own.
  • efficiency by design. We design our systems to optimise valuable space onboard ship and maximise fuel efficiency while also being easy to install and simple to use.
  • high-grade, corrosion resistant materials that will perform reliably at sea with minimal maintenance.


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Worldwide support, 365 days a year

An unrivalled global network, as befits the world’s largest safety technology solutions provider, providing year-round support across 2000 ports and 96 countries. 


More than 50 accredited FRS service stations covering over 1000 ports with  highly-skilled technicians to support you with all your onboard fire and safety service requirements.

Convenient and reliable access to spare and replacement parts, worldwide, with leadtimes of 2-5 working days along the major trading routes for many core safety products.


Global support through one point of contact. We coordinate all product deliveries and servicing for you to help make your life easier with all transactions through one supplier, one bank account and one currency.

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In this video, Finn Lende-Harung, Director of Commercial Operations, Survitec, explains the benefits of our Head Start approach and why it pays to work with an expert safety partner from first designs through to operations at sea.

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