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If a fire breaks out in an enclosed space on your vessel, you depend on an extinguishing system that deploys quickly, effectively and safely. Vessels use Deck Foam Systems, either on the Deck System, Helideck or High Expansion Engine room. Since 2012, following a series of incidents whereby the foam proportioner did not perform as intended, the IMO has mandated that the required produced foam tests must be conducted every 5-years.  



The Survitec Solution

Our DNV-GL verified, game-changing procedure uses ultrasound technology, allowing testing to be completed in one test and in port where the fire pump can be run at the required capacity for the test’s duration.

Key Benefits

  • Time-saving: The test is performed once, and there is no longer a requirement to send results to service stations.
  • Environmental: Foam concentrate is replaced with water. Use of foam from the present system onboard is no longer required.
  • Financial: As no foam used, there is no need to top up, or in cases where no foam is available, completely refill the foam tank with foam which can be very costly.
  • Safety: The adjustments of the proportioner can be completed during the test and not in interludes, limiting any impacts on your regular service.


Traditional methods

The traditional way of conducting the Produced Foam Test is costly and time-consuming. There have been examples of the systems not working, even when they have passed the annual traditional method test.

Key Benefits

  • Time consuming: Extensive time is needed for the collection of produced foam, seawater and foam concentrate. 
  • Environmental concerns: The Produced foam sampling must be completed at sea due to environmental requirements; this can be harmful to sea life. 
  • Financial burden: In all steps, there is a consumption of foam concentrate. The foam used from the tank needs replacing, which can mean additional costs. 
  • Service impact: If the sample fails, then the Foam Proportioner (mixer) needs to be adjusted, and the process must be repeated. 

Our network

The offer is available out of the following service stations; Singapore, Fujairah, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Houston, Panama and Macae (Brazil).

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