Survitec IGG vessel

Keep your systems running with remote support and assistance

Inert gas systems are complex, safety-critical systems. The faster you are able to diagnose faults to prevent system failure and avoid having the vessel off-hire, the better.

With our remote support service, our inert gas experts can access your system directly, diagnose any problems first-hand, and organise a solution, without the expense and delay of travelling out to ship, saving you both time and money.




Support your crew and
optimise system performance
with help from our experts

Our inert gas system experts can assist your
crew remotely with:

  • System tuning, to improve flow control and
    optimise fuel consumption
  • Troubleshooting of faults and alarms
  • Expert support in the event of a system failure
  • Assistance with alarm tests
  • Remote monitoring & control to alleviate
    crew fatigue






  • There are no initial start-up costs, just an annual subscription fee that covers the cost of the service
  • All you need is an internet connection and a few simple parts that we supply in the mail
  • All parts related to remote support provision are supplied on a leasing basis, so we retain responsibility for maintaining and replacing them


Low maintenance

  • It's a simple solution that can be installed quickly and easily by a member of your crew
  • There is no need for any system modifications or rewiring, and minimal maintenance
  • It is compatible for use with all our inert gas and nitrogen systems and can be easily retrofitted

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  • You receive expert support to keep your system running at peak performance
  • You benefit from faster and smarter diagnoses of faults and alarms which also means:
    • fewer service trips
    • reduced maintenance spend
    • less disruption to your operations




Could you benefit from remote support for your inert gas
or nitrogen system?

Contact us now for more information or click on the button to request a quote.






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