The Solandri is a double-layer waterproof immersion suit with twin inflatable insulation chambers, designed to enable a free ascent from a stricken submarine and to provide protection for the submariner upon reaching the surface. Each garment has been developed using modern anthropometric methodologies to ensure maximum comfort and performance. Employing the very latest developments in materials, process technology and product design, each suit is manufactured from technical textiles using state-of-the-art production methods. All materials used are high-tenacity nylons coated with hydrolysis-resistant compounds such as butyl, polyether urethane, or clear polyether urethane films.

Consisting of three main components, the Solandri is made up of an ascent hood, an inflatable lifejacket and an inflatable suit fitted with polyurethane wrist seals, reinforced soles, foot and ankle straps, a leg pocket and neoprene gloves.  Directly evolved from the time-honoured SPES MK3 design that has been employed by a number of the world's navies for over fifteen years, the bfa Solandri is the latest Survitec submarine escape immersion ensemble (SEIE) innovation in the company's long heritage.

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