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 Unique, lightweight and small deck footprint

The Superslide, formally known as the Medium Inflatable Slide (MIS) is for vessels with freeboard heights of between 3.8 metres and 12.5 metres, incorporates a twin-track inflatable slide that deploys at right angles to ships’ sides. This system deploys at right angles to the vessel. The Superslide is packed together with either the 100/150 person Throw Over Self Righting canopied liferaft or Open Reversible Liferaft (ORIL). When supplied for use with 100 or 151 Open Reversible liferafts, a second liferaft can be packed into the container so when inflated and bowsed it is immediately available for boarding. A second liferaft can be available for bowsing outboard of the receiving liferaft. Superslide available 3.8 metres to 12.5 metres in a range of six slides.


  • Simple and quick to install and re-install after service
  • Electric remote release system which automatically performs a complete system deployment
  • Float-free system operates before the water reaches the evacuation deck
  • Max pax with ORIL liferaft is 397 persons in 17 minutes 40 sec
  • Max pax with SOLAS canopied rafts is 750 persons in 30 minutes (fully MED approved)
  • Unique, lightweight and small deck footprint
  • Provides an alternative range of retrofit solutions

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