Since its introduction in July 2010, the Crewsaver Premier lifejacket has lead the way in passenger and crew lifejacket safety. The first lifejacket to be approved to ISO 200(80), the Premier has since gone on to be the choice of both the largest Cruise ships and some of the most discerning superyachts and commercial vessels worldwide.

With a design brief that stipulated ease and intuitive donning, mirroring the hugely successful original Premier (over 750,000 units sold), the Premier uses a patented “Reverse Angle Head Support” to achieve the vital in-water performance that the regulations require.

The unique design of the neck opening allows for increased wearer comfort, while durability is assured by the use of tried and tested quality components.


  • MED approved lights
  • Optional spray hood
  • Donning instructions
  • Available in adult, child and infant sizes
  • Highly visible colour with solas approved retro reflective tape
  • Buddy line and whistle stored in recessed pocket
  • Waist belt designed to fit chest girth of 1750m
  • Sacrificial stitch at the end of the waist belt to allow it to run free if caught, helping to prevent snag hazards
  • Yellow crew option available

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Click for instructions on donning the Premier 

How to fit a rectangular recess light housing

You can find more "How To Guides" in our Video Section.

Ordering numbers for the customers in the Americas are as follows:

  • Adult size Product #: 61-10572
  • Child size Product #: 61-10573
  • Infant size Product #: 61-10574
  • Belt Extender Product #: 61-10600

Universal Light SOLAS And Recessed Adapters

Part Code: 10282

Universal Light SOLAS And Surface Mount Bracket

Part Code: 10281

Universal Light SOLAS With Integrated Sensor And Surface Mount Bracket

Part Code: 10278

Universal Light SOLAS With Integrated Sensor And Recessed Adaptors

Part Code: 10276

Crewsaver Alkaline Light (CAL)

Part Code: 10277

Crewsaver Alkaline Light (CAL) with Surface Mount Clip

Part Code: 11270

Surface Mount Clip for CAL

Part Code: 11271

Circular Recessed Housing for CAL

Part Code: 11272

Rectangular Recessed Housing for Crewsaver Universal Light and CSL

Part Code: 11273

Premier Spray Hood

Part Code: 10659

Dual Crotch Strap (Packaged)

Part Code: 10032

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