• The systems are approved by the major classification societies
  • The detectors have a subtle design and are easy to install and set up with common detector base regardless of detector type
  • Comprehensive fault diagnostics and detector condition monitoring allow rapid location of faults and minimize downtime


  • Safe for crew, equipment and environment
  • Can be released immediately when a fire is detected, avoiding unnecessary damage caused by the fire
  • Is safe for use in occupied spaces
  • Easy to install and operate
Speach mark icon This Fire Detection and Alarm System is now branded Survitec.



Conventional systems

  • Pre-configured for immediate use
  • Flexible configuration for detection zones
  • Text inserts to suit different customer preferred language
  • Simple configuration options through DIL switches and links
  • Installation cost efficiency by being able to connect intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe devices on the same zone
  • Display temperature and smoke density reading

Additional for addressable systems

  • Enhance fire detection and eliminate unwanted alarms using Fuzzy Logic
  • Remote diagnostics and service functions
  • On-screen risk management information given to assist fire fighting and training
  • Scroll function allows details of all events and status to be easily viewed
  • Flexible interfacing with graphic management system
  • Modular design giving flexible expansion ability
  • Networkable panel is able to operate up to 8 detection loops




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