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Trusted to Protect Lives. We are pioneers of Survival Technology. Our wearable survival equipment, fire solutions and survival craft technology keep people safe when their life depends on it. We have 3,000 people that work with our partners in 96 countries to provide trustworthy solutions that reduce risk and help protect lives.


Why? Because We Exist to Protect Lives.

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Playing with fire: Is it time for new safety rules for methanol?

Our fire safety team puts firefighting measures to the test

As orders for methanol-fuelled ships increase, our fire safety team put current fire safety measures to the test in the laboratory and the results were illuminating.

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Survitec secures contract with Babcock for Type-31 Frigate survival technology homepage.jpg

Supplying Type 31 frigates with our Survival Technology

Reaffirming our dedication to safeguarding naval operations and frontline personnel

Following a significant contract award, we will manufacture and supply our Survival Technology to five Type 31 Frigates built by Babcock for the Royal Navy.  

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Survitec achieves ISO 23678 certification.jpg

We've achieved ISO 23678 certification for lifeboat inspection

Wider adoption of this standard will improve maritime safety

This standard was introduced in 2022 to establish the uniform and consistent training of personnel involved in lifeboat inspection, taking into account the mandatory requirements of resolution MSC.402(96).

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Environmental, Social and Governance

Introducing our 2023 ESG report

We operate in a rapidly evolving landscape, with an increasing industry demand for accountability and transparency regarding our environmental and social impacts alongside our governance procedures.  Please download our booklet below.

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Head Start in Maritime Safety

Find out how we can help set your new vessel on course for a lifetime of safety at sea.

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