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Trusted to Protect Lives. We are pioneers of Survival Technology. Our wearable survival equipment, fire solutions and survival craft technology keep people safe when their life depends on it. We have 3,000 people that work with our partners in 96 countries to provide trustworthy solutions that reduce risk and help protect lives.


Why? Because We Exist to Protect Lives.

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Fire safety and lithium-ion batteries

How do we best prevent and control fire involving EVs?

Following several high-profile ship fires involving electrical vehicles (EVs), Rafal Kolodziejski, our Head of Product Support & Development, explains why prevention and early detection are key.

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Aerolite One receives US Navy Designation LRU-38/P

Testing successfully completed, affirming our single seat liferaft’s design

Read about our single seat liferaft, Aerolite One achieving US Navy designation following rigorous testing by the US Navy, for use on F/A-18 Super Hornet and T-45 Goshawk aircraft.

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Breaking Workplace Barriers and Winning Awards with Shell

Offshore Achievement Award Winner

Discover how this collaboration serves as an industry standard for inclusive environments. Helping everyone to feel valued and equipped to succeed in their roles.

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Survitec equips 2,000th F-35 pilot with aircrew flight equipment ensemble.jpg

Survitec Equips 2,000th F-35 Pilot with Aircrew Flight Ensemble

From our Pilot Fit Facility at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona

More than 2,000 F-35 pilots have now experienced our Perfect Fit in 10 days measuring and delivery service at one of our Pilot Fit Facilities.

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