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Trusted to Protect Lives. We are pioneers of Survival Technology. Our wearable survival equipment, fire solutions and survival craft technology keep people safe when their life depends on it. We have 3,000 people that work with our partners in 96 countries to provide trustworthy solutions that reduce risk and help protect lives.


Why? Because We Exist to Protect Lives.

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survitec receives type approval for dry chemical powder system upgrades.jpg

Dry Chemical Powder (DCP): New solutions to meet new requirements

Optimising our DCP solutions for vessels running on alternative fuels

There is a growing need for efficient DCP solutions to protect fuel bunkering stations on ships running on LNG/LPG. Find out how we’ve overhauled our DCP system to meet this demand.

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Survitec bolsters us presence and manufacturing capabilities with acquisition.jpg

Bolstering US presence & manufacturing capabilities with acquisition

Newfound synergies between Survitec and Vinyl Technology

Our acquisition propels us to become the foremost employer of highly skilled sewing capacity necessary for Pilot Flight Equipment (PFE) production.

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Protecting FPSOs: Verifying fire system performance as per NFPA12

The value of live discharge testing for CO2 fire extinguishing systems

A recent safety study, conducted by our fire team experts on board three FPSOs, demonstrated the value of live discharge testing as recommended by the National Fire Protection Agency.

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Survitec unveils drysuits for amphibious military operations.jpg

SeaRescue drysuits for amphibious military operations

Designed by military professionals for military professionals

The hands-on experience of veteran military personnel employed by Survitec means these products are based on user input and the real-life experiences of our development team.

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Head Start in Maritime Safety

Find out how we can help set your new vessel on course for a lifetime of safety at sea.

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