Aerospace liferafts

Full range of civil and military liferafts for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

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Aerospace Commercial Liferafts Aerolite

Commercial Liferafts

Our portfolio of commercial aviation liferafts ranges from 4 to 46-person capacity. All our liferafts are TSO approved to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance under survival conditions. To ensure compliance with national aviation authority regulations all our liferafts are available with a range of approved emergency packs.

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Aerospace Military Liferafts Phantom

Military Liferafts 

Available for special operations applications our range of covert military rafts allows operational safety whilst maintaining a low visual signature. To ensure suitability for all mission types raft configurations can be tailored to suit specific operational requirements.

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Aerospace Air Droppable Liferafts Sar

Search & Rescue Liferafts

Our range of air-droppable Search and Rescue liferafts are designed to provide rapid assistance at sea. SAR rafts are tested and qualified for deployment from a helicopter, surface vessel or fixed wing aircraft and are designed to ensure aircraft modifications are not required. A range of sizes from 4 to 18 persons and tailored survival kit configurations are available.

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Survitec Aerospace Liferafts Equipment Maintainer

Survival equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul

Correct maintenance of critical survival equipment is necessary to ensure full reliability and functionality when it is required and for the life of the product. Through a Part 145 approved network of fully owned and third-party service stations Survitec provides inspection, servicing, testing and certification of all aerospace liferafts and related equipment. For organisations which wish to service their own equipment Survitec can provide audit and advice on setting up a maintenance capability, maintainer training, spares, manuals, certification and ongoing surveillance to ensure the correct standard are being achieved. This can be provided for both Part-145 or equivalent or Military Survival Equipment workshops.

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