Purchasing your safety equipment is only the start of your relationship with Survitec. We not only want to equip your vessel with the best marine safety equipment onboard, but also want to ensure you are safe in the knowledge that your cruise operators and their crew know what to do should they unexpectedly have to use your safety equipment in an emergency.  In support of this mission we provide customers with bespoke training solutions. 

What we offer

Survitec has consolidated a complete portfolio of specialised training programmes to support the critical safety and survival equipment systems for cruise operators and their crew. Survitec’s one of a kind, bespoke training solutions are designed to think beyond compliance, whilst keeping the ‘human element’ in mind.

Our training covers the following categories:

  • Firefighting Equipment (FFE)
  • Lifesaving Appliances (LSA)
  • Marine Evacuation Systems (MES)

The typical cost of being held by port state control for non-compliance ranges in the tens of thousands to million-dollar range, which is why our bespoke training solutions are geared towards preventing these costly, and often unnecessary, time-delaying incidents.

Our FFE, LSA, and MES training solutions cover the core areas of daily cruise vessel operations, and are delivered by market leading, approved providers; many of whom are former regulators. We focus on creating a class culture that promotes staff engagement in risk mitigation. Additionally, we aim to educate crew on what to look for to ensure constant readiness for port state control inspection. Our overall focus is to help vessels improve operational efficiencies, reduce down time, and increase operational yield per passenger on board.

Programme Overview

Survitec has tailored each course to be efficient and effective, with onboard and ashore theoretical training, to reduce transportation and accommodation costs. In addition, the training provides practical walkthrough exercises and hands on experience. The following is a brief overview of each of our offerings and we are of course happy to customise a training programme if the below does not completely suit.

LSA Training

  • Gain in-depth understanding of lifeboat recovering and release system, davit,winch and fall wire operations and checks
  • Lifeboat operation, start systems, and causes of lifeboat maintenance related accidents
  • Correct stowage of lifeboat in the davit system
  • Understand safe fitting of maintenance pendants and trickle charge electrical plug
  • Maintenance training on fixed and portable firefighting systems, lifejackets, immersion suits, life buoys, descent units and liferafts

Survitec Bespoke Training

FFE Training

  • Gain in-depth understanding of fixed firefighting systems onboard vessels and principles for usage
  • Understand marine safety circular service and maintenance requirements
  • Understand inspection criteria during service and common repairs
  • Able to review a service

Survitec FFE Training

MES Training

  • Learn the basics of MES Systems
  • Receive liferaft training – how to use and operate equipment inside the liferaft
  • Preparing crew and passengers for evacuation to the MES
  • Practical evacuation training

Survitec MES Training

“Our training programmes blend insight and practical application…to formulate a winning solution”



Survitec is recognised as the most comprehensive global total solutions provider for mission critical safety and survival equipment. We are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplier and training provider for a number world leading brands including; RFD, DSB, SurvitecZodiac, Crewsaver, Maritime Protection, Novenco Fire Fighting, and more. As a result, we have all of the necessary OEM approvals required to perform training on both Survitec and third-party equipment.  We operate our own inhouse training facilities for both MES and LSA.

Our team of global cruise experts look forward to meeting with you in person, to further demonstrate our advanced training capabilities and curriculum.

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