We are the world leader in the supply, inspection, testing and maintenance of safety and survival equipment. Through our network of 400+ accredited service stations, we offer a truly global service covering over 2,000 ports worldwide.  We have a renowned reputation for reliability of service and workmanship.  Our work is always to the highest standard and our technical ability is continuously being upgraded with the latest equipment, facilities and training.



At Survitec when you purchase your safety equipment it is only the beginning of your relationship with us.

With over 166 years’ experience to our name, we ensure your equipment receives only the very best care and attention throughout its entire safety lifecycle.


Key Features

  • Strategically located service stations ensure minimum delay in the delivery and collection of equipment.
  • All Survitec service stations are quality controlled and audited at least once every three years.
  • Our service stations are required to stock an agreed quantity of approved original spare parts.
  • Only approved and trained service engineers are authorised to carry out the work required on your liferaft.
  • Service engineers must attend liferaft servicing refresher training courses once every three years.
  • Training, audit and certification records are tracked through a global servicing database to maintain consistently high servicing standards.

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What's included

All liferafts serviced at an approved Survitec service station will be subjected to a rigorous inspection by fully qualified technicians to ensure it is fit for purpose and maximise its performance if needed in an emergency.  Liferafts are serviced in accordance to the applicable service manual and requirements of the statutory body.  Key tasks carried out include:

  • Individual components stripped down and tested were appropriate. Replacement or repair of any items which fail our rigorous quality controls.
  • Replacement of any life items to ensure adequate life remains on each item until next service due date.
  • A working pressure test plus any other mandatory tests required as detailed within IMO Resolution A.761 (18).
  • The accredited service station will keep a service report recording how the liferaft performed noting any general observations.
  • The above-mentioned service report will be linked to the rafts unique serial number thus providing full service traceability for all Survitec raft via our electronic database system.
  • An authentic and unique Survitec liferaft certificate is issued with each liferaft.

To provide a rapid service turnaround, all Survitec service stations hold a stock of approved components and spare parts, all of which are fully documented and traceable.


Mandatory Requirements

To ensure liferafts function correctly when needed the liferaft service (inspection and repacking of the equipment) must be completed exactly according to the manufacturers (OEM) service instructions.  Each make and model is unique and as such must be inspected, serviced and repacked by OEM trained & certified technicians.  Only Survitec authorised service stations have access to very detailed up to date maintenance manuals, service bulletins, approved spare parts etc.


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SOLAS – If the vessel is operating under SOLAS as per IMO Resolution A761(18) it is a requirement that all liferaft service stations are approved jointly by the manufacturer and the local flag state.  It is also a requirement that the service personnel attached to the service station are regularly trained by the manufacturer and that the manufacturer’s original spare parts and service manuals are maintained by each Service Station.  A full listing of our approved Service stations is available on our website. Survitec will only support service stations that have been audited, authorised and trained by Survitec.


iso logo ISO – Any vessels which are required to carry or alternatively choose to carry ISO 9650 liferafts are required to have these liferafts serviced by a Survitec approved service station only




Using an approved Service Station

We recognise that when it comes to safety there is no margin for error or complacency. To ensure our customers have the best and most reliable survival products on the market all Survitec approved service stations are audited and approved to the highest legislative and regulatory standards.

When organising your liferaft servicing owners should ensure they are using a fully approved accredited Survitec service station for the brand of liferaft owned. Only authorised Survitec service centres will have access to the correct service manuals for your liferaft and will have undergone all the relevant product training. These highly technical service documents are a key tool for the liferaft service engineer.

Not using an authorised service centre could potentially increase the risk of your liferaft failing to perform at a critical moment. Unauthorised service centres will not have access to genuine parts from the liferaft manufacturer, incorrect parts may end up damaging your liferaft stopping it from deploying in an emergency – all liferaft spare parts are not made equal. If you do use a non-approved service station please note that this will not only invalidate your warranty and any liabilities, but crucially will leave you and your crew at serious risk. Additionally, owners risk their vessels being restricted from sailing if their liferafts have not been serviced and certified correctly by an authorised service station. We recommend you take it to an approved service station at the earliest opportunity.


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Check your QR code

We include QR codes on all our liferaft service certificates of re-inspection to help you ensure the authenticity of your liferaft and its service. We advise you to check each service certificate and report any concerns with regards to your certificate being illegal or non-original directly to us. Any concerns over the authenticity of your approval certificate can be sent to


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