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Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Inflatable Walls Training System

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Q: What is the Inflatable Walls Training System?

A: The Survitec Inflatable Walls Training System is a series of inflatable walls that can be connected to create any structure. This helps military and law enforcement to replicate any target building by recreating every room, corridor, entrance, exit and window so when they face the actual structure, they have the appropriate knowledge to make the correct tactical decisions.


Q: How many variations of IWTS are there?

A: There are four different IWTS packages – Level 1, 2, 3 and 4. These include a range of horizontal, full, window, door and half walls suitable for recreating a wide range of structures. The larger the package, the larger the structure. There are also two optional extra expansion packages available to further build out IWTS.


Q: What are the Expansion Packs and how are they used?

A: The IWTS Expansion Packs allow users to easily scale up to the next level, without large costs, and provide an endless stream of builds unique to customer resources. Available in two different options, the expansion packs are a quick and easy way to upgrade the IWTS packages and expand the total build.


Q: What training ammunition can you use against the walls?

A: IWTS has been tested to withstand Simunition (9mm and 5.56mm), Standard NATO 5.56mm blank ammunition, L83A1 Smoke Grenade, L111 Training Grenade, Hot rifle and pistole barrels and 6 bang distraction devices.


Q: How many trainees can be using the walls at once?

A: For the Level 1 package its recommended for 4-8 trainees with larger packages holding between 15-20 trainees.


Q: What environments are the walls suitable for?

A: IWTS is completely versatile and can be used anywhere. IWTS has been deployed in car parks, garages, fields, warehouses and more as they are 100% waterproof, UV resistant and constructed of durable fabric.


Q: What material are the walls made of?

A: IWTS is made of a two-piece construction of a rubber internal air bladder and tough vinyl outer skin. Together the materials have been designed for longevity, improved construction and a high-quality design standard for tailored inflation and deflation control.


Q: How long does it take to inflate and build a structure with IWTS?

A: It depends on the size of the scenario. 2 walls can be inflated in under 3 minutes. It would take around 20 minutes to build a simple 2 room structure. An 800sQ:ft shoot house can take up to 35 minutes and you could build a small office block in 2 hours.


Q: What is the lifespan of IWTS?

A: IWTS has a manufacturer warranty of 5 years, but due to the heavy duty and rugged design, the system will last for years in excess of the warranty.


Q: What approvals do the walls have?

A: The Walls are manufactured in a AS9100C and ISO9001:2015 approved facility. The pressure release valve is certified to ISO 9650 and ISO 15738. They are also certified for use with Simunition, non-lethal training ammunition.

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