Frequently asked Questions about Survitec Lifeboats


Q: Are there different types of lifeboats? 

A: Yes there is, and at Survitec we offer both free-fall and davit launched lifeboats. These lifeboats are released into the water during an emergency with different mechanisms and are not always suitable between different vessel types. 

Q: What types of lifeboats do Survitec supply?

A: Survitec can offer a range of lifeboats and required devices and accessories to support your requirements. We can offer davit launched and free fall liferafts, davit and winches, lifeboat hooks and other accessories. Visit here to find out more.
Can Survitec supply the correct davit for my lifeboats and rescue boats? The Survitec range of davits are designed and manufactured by a European based manufacturing partner, whom hold over 20 years’ experience supplying davits to the maritime market. We offer 6 variants of davit which are designed for lifeboats, rescue boats and fast rescue boats.


Q: What is a multibrand service provider? 

A: A multibrand service inspection provider has the ability to perform an inspection on all items such as the davit, the hooks and the lifeboat itself without the requirement of several individual OEMs. It is likely customers have a varied range of manufactures on board, and if not using a multibrand service provider, would need to liaise with several business, all offering different services. 


Q: How often do you need a lifeboat inspection? 

A:  customers require an annual and 5-year inspection which included overload testing, LRRS and launching appliance maintenance and a full range of new lifeboat and davit supply and commissioning.


Q: What is an LRRS?

A: A LRRS is a lifeboat release and retrieval system. Our LRRS system meets the latest requirements of SOLAS, IMO and LSA codes and is approved by DNV in accordance with EU Marine Equipment Directives (MED). Survitec’s Safelaunch is and an offload/onload LRRS system, designed and manufactured in-house to eliminate the common operating problems associated with other release mechanisms.


Q: What is a fall prevention device (FPD)?

A: Survitec‘s Fall Preventer Device (FPD) has been developed to help reduce the number of accidents caused by the failure of on-load lifeboat release hooks. The FPDs are attached between the lifeboat and the fore and aft davit fall blocks, providing a second line of safety in case the loaded hook system fails while lowering or raising the lifeboat. The safety strops are removed before activating the sling release mechanism just before the lifeboat enters the water. The strops are then reattached before the lifeboat is retrieved from the water. All FPDs need to be in place before any drill, testing, inspection or maintenance work is carried out that requires people to be in the lifeboat. The FPDs are all fully compliant with the MSC.1/Circ 1327 guidelines.


Q: Does Survitec offer lifeboat inspection services?

A: Yes, using our well trained and experienced lifeboat engineers we are able to meet both your annual and 5-year inspection requirements. This includes overload testing, LRRS and launching appliance maintenance and overhaul, and a full range of new lifeboat and davit supply and commissioning.

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Q: What is lifeboat hydraulic testing?

A: The entry into force of the 1996 amendments to SOLAS means that operators are required to perform routine overload tests of all davits and winches at least every five years. he LRRS hydraulic test kit comprises of interconnecting pipes, a calibrated hydraulic pump, hydraulic rams and appropriate instrumentation. Using approved test kits, engineering teams can meet vessels in any port worldwide to carry out lifeboat examinations and tests in full compliance with SOLAS without the need to launch the lifeboats, tenders, fast rescue craft (FRC) and rescue boats. The hydraulic test method is particularly useful when the vessel is in dry dock or if the weather conditions or other external factors make launching the life boat unsafe.


Q: Do you offer lifeboat training for crews?

A: Yes, we offer a dedicated tailor-made training at our Survitec Marine Training Academy. We offer three courses which include; ifeboat release and retrieval system training (LLRS), lifeboat familiarisation training and lifeboat maintenance training.

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Q: Does Survitec have a range of Davits?

A: To complete the full range of lifeboat requirements Survitec offer a range of ship and rig davit launching appliances for lifeboats, designed to withstand long periods of operation under adverse and extreme conditions in highly corrosive marine and offshore environments.

Meeting the stringent requirements of IMO/SOLAS, LSA regulations as well as the European Council Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment (M.E.D.), Survitec lifeboat davits are manufactured to ensure they remain inherently strong, reliable and perform in the toughest environments.

Since the safe working load and outreach of the davit is normally determined by the size of the lifeboat, Survitec offers not only the standard range of lifeboat davits required but can also offer bespoke adapted versions to meet individual vessel needs. Operating the Davit is simple, there is a motor starter built into the davit arm which operates at the main switch. In case of a power failure the user is still able to operate the davit manually using the crank handle of the winch.


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