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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic our commitment to keeping our people, customers and suppliers safe at all times has never been more important. 

As a global business, and with safety as a key value that underpins everything that we do, we recognise the importance of responding in a coordinated, coherent and comprehensive way to ensure the safety of all our colleagues and customers, and to minimise the impact on our service operations. With this in mind we wanted to inform our customers on some of the extra safety measures we have put in place to help protect our people and our customers against COVID-19, 19 extra safety measures in fact, as follows:

  • Our teams have been provided with the correct PPE to perform their job safely where required. This includes the use of face masks and gloves which will be worn around all Survitec locations.
  • We are following the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for hand washing and have published these guidelines at all of our locations. Employees have been instructed to wash their hands each time a new task has been performed and more as required. Ample amounts of the required supplies including soap and hand sanitisers have been supplied to all of our teams to help ensure regular use
  • Disinfecting and sanitising of equipment, tools and spare parts has been completed at all locations and deep cleans are being carried out as much as is required
  • As per the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, we have implemented a social distancing policy throughout all of our locations. This will enable our people to work the recommended 2-3 meters apart. Workstations have been moved or adapted to accommodate the required distancing.
  • We’ve implemented a working from home policy for all staff members that can achieve their work from a home-based location, an upgraded IT support system has been put in place
  • Our QHSE team is issuingcontinuous advice and updates to our operations teams globally to keep them abreast of the latestupdates and advice
  • All of our vehicles are being thoroughly cleaned after each use to help reduce any risk for the next driver. This includes use of sanitation and disinfecting wipes across elements of the vehicle internally such as the seats, steering wheel, door handles and gear sticks. In addition, all shipments sent from our warehouses are also cleaned prior to dispatch.  
  • All shipments that are sent from our warehouses are being cleaned and wiped down before being despatched  
  • We have introduced split-shifts to reduce the number of employees at any one site for social distancing 
  • Colleagues from China, Poland, Singapore and Korea have worked together to help donate FFP2 masks to support medical teams at hospitals across Wuhan 
  • Aviation suits and lifejackets are all being quarantined at designated areas at heliports for 72 hours once a passenger has landed. Dates and times of all suits and lifejackets are clearly displayed 
  • All aviation suits and lifejackets are being thoroughly washed, paying attention to neck seals, cuffs, zippers and pull tab with BIOGUARD and disposable towels once the 72 hours have lapsed 
  • After a lifeboat inspection has taken place, the final report will be handwritten and left onboard with any further comments and questions being answered via email rather than having a summary meeting at the end of the inspection 
  • Our teams of engineers are all being provided with protection packs wherever they travel including; masks, sanitiser, gloves, goggles, emergency contact numbers and the RSA travel assistance mobile app 
  • In effort to reduce the quantity of people onboard at any time. Our teams are working with vessels by performing more tasks before and after inspection and stipulating the number of hours we will be onboard
  • If a visit is essential to one of our service stations or sites, we have implemented a questionnaire to be completed before visiting to help ensure that visitor does not pose a threat to any of our people working on site and to ensure our visitor understands the necessary precautions they need to take 
  • We have implemented emergency cross-functional strategic teams to lead on response planning across the Group allowing for the communication of important information to be delivered in a coherent, coordinated and comprehensive way. This is to ensure we adopt best practices at all of our locations

The global situation is being continuously monitored, regular updates are being provided through our communication channels as required 

Please click to read our current customer statement regarding COVID-19.