Liferaft reliability

Depend on us to bring you home

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Safe, strong reliable.


Reliability is key at Survitec. If we did not ensure reliability at every stage and continuously seek to improve the performance of our products at every point possible, we would not be here today. It’s the quality of our products - combined with the measures we put in place from concept to delivery and beyond - which earns the trust of our customers. When it comes to safety there is no margin for error or complacency.

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Should disaster strike,

you need a liferaft you can depend on to abandon ship quickly and safely to protect the lives of your passengers and crew. At Survitec, our knowledge and expertise - combined with an in-depth understanding of what our customers need - has earnt us a reputation for delivering safe, strong and reliable critical safety and survival solutions. At the heart of this success is our continued focus on reliability at every stage. From design, testing and manufacture - through to delivery, commissioning and operational servicing - we aim for excellence in everything we do. Our meticulous focus on protecting your people, assets and reputation - combined with 100 years of experience, truly means that you can depend on us to bring you home.

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Liferaft Exceptional Design

Exceptional design

Products within the marine liferaft portfolio are designed and maintained to the highest standards, drawing on Survitec’s many years of experience as an industry leader in lifesaving appliances. Throughout the design phase our highly experienced team works to clearly defined objectives actioned in a strict project management process to ensure that a functional and reliable design is achieved.


Tried and tested

Liferafts are then created as prototypes and extensively tested to the SOLAS requirements of MSC 81(70) - as well as other relevant standards. This involves thorough testing of the material choices, construction techniques and also the performance of the products in real-life test scenarios. This ensures the design is fit for purpose in severe marine environments.

Industry Approvals

Industry approvals & standards

Once a liferaft design successfully passes the required approval trials, the products enter a rigorous process to obtain approval from worldwide class and flag societies.

Quality Assurance

Quality & assurance

The robust quality processes set by Survitec ensures that material strength specifications are met. Joints are designed in shear rather than peel to improve strength - and extensive testing is conducted at all stages. To ensure end-to-end product quality and consistency, we carefully monitor the manufacturing process throughout - not only with our own skilled internal employees, but also with independent external teams. 

Strict Manufacturing

Strict manufacturing process

Manufacturing follows well documented processes - with standard operating procedures, in-stage inspection qualification checks and pressure testing of final product in place to ensure compliancy to SOLAS specifications. Deployment of liferafts at Survitec are then carried out to ensure they perform as intended if and when required in an emergency situation.

Servicing Levels

Consitent servicing levels

To consistently deliver high service levels to our customers, all Survitec approved service stations are audited and approved to the highest legislative and regulatory standards. Only approved and trained service engineers are authorised to carry out the work required on Survitec liferafts. These consistent service levels are maintained across over 405 service stations globally serving 2,000 ports.

Packed and stowed with care

Meet our liferaft technician Dave Guy. The loyalty and expertise of Dave and all of our liferaft service technicians are what sets us apart, delivering on our values every day and helping to ensure the ultimate safety of your passengers and crew in the event of an emergency. For optimum performance, our liferafts undergo a strict packing process involving a buddy system to check predetermined critical steps.


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RaftXChange - Everything you need, everywhere you need it.

The Survitec RaftXChange liferaft rental and exchange model provides you, our customers, with the ultimate in rental flexibility. With unrivalled global coverage and a range of predictably priced exchange options, you can tailor your liferaft contract, to suit your operational requirements.

When choosing a RaftXChange+ contract with Survitec you are able to significantly improve your operational efficiencies. The novel design allows you to increase your liferaft service intervals from every 12 months to 30 months, that means you only have to complete a liferaft exchange once every five years! Directly resulting in less handling, less time spent in port and ultimately, cost efficiencies for your business.

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