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Our RaftXChange liferaft rental and exchange model provides you with the ultimate in rental flexibility. With our extensive global reach and support network, unrivalled in our industry, and a range of exchange options, you can tailor your liferaft contract to suit your operational requirements. Get in touch to find out more.

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Key Features

  • Liferafts are replaced with newly serviced, fully certified liferafts of same capacity and type
  • Comprehensive network, ensuring availability in all key ports worldwide
  • Supports a vessel's short port stay
  • Reduces the amount of handling required
  • Offers a full guarantee for the duration of the liferaft rental period
  • Facilitates both an overall cost reduction and better cost management
  • Less transportation required
  • Highly skilled technicians, ensuring rafts are always in compliance with regulations




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Always compliant, always on board

Our RaftXChange rental liferafts are type and class approved, certificated and ready to use. Our teams around the world work hard to ensure your liferafts are ready when and where they need to be. Liferaft technicians will be waiting at your port with your replacement liferafts when you need, ready to go. All liferafts within the Survitec RaftXChange rental pool meet and exceed the latest international class, quality and safety standards as per SOLAS 74, as amended, and the relevant resolutions and circulars of the IMO, as applicable including the LSA Code. This includes type approval requirements SOLAS 74 Reg. III/4, SOLAS 74 Reg. X/3 and tested to IMO Res.MSC.81(70), as amended. And for extended service intervals: IMO MSC.1/Circ.1328.




With our RaftXChange+ contract option you can significantly improve operational efficiency. The innovative design of our extended service interval liferafts (ESR) means that the required service intervals to maintain compliance can be extended from 12 to 30 months and you only need a liferaft exchange once every five years.

To meet the extended service interval recommendations as outlined in MSC1328, we store each liferaft in a hermetically sealed foil bag, providing maximum protection against the elements and against any damage from handling or transportation. The liferaft includes a humidity and CO2 sensor, so your crew can carry out their own regular hassle-free inspection to ensure total working efficiency. We provide your crew with the monitoring and inspection tool and training to support them in carrying out inspections onboard as required.

With extended service intervals you avoid the need for full annual services with liferafts having to be transported off and back on to your vessel every time. This means reduced handling of the liferafts, reduced time in port and, ultimately, cost efficiencies for your business.

The RaftXChange+ extended service interval contract is an ideal solution for operators who make use of short-stay and infrequent port calls or who operate in more remote areas where approved service station availability can be more difficult.


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Access to our global rental pool soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Direct access to our key ports as standard soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Remote coverage, access to our 410 strong service network

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Can exchange at any port (additional costs may apply)

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Remote, annual, onboard testing capable soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
Broad product offering, sizes TO or DL

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Reduced operational complexity soals 360 tick soals 360 tick
30-month exchange, offering less handling and less time spent in port   soals 360 tick

Contract management - monitoring of due dates and compliance

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Off balance sheet soals 360 tick soals 360 tick

*Terms and conditions apply
**E&OE.  Subject to change




Survitec network

Our dedicated global support function for all requests, logistics and invoice details means less coordination, administration and most importantly less risk of error. With over 3,000 marine professionals, 70 locations, 405 accredited service stations covering more than 2,000 ports, Survitec is unrivalled with our worldwide customer service & support network.

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Reliability at every stage

Reliability is key at Survitec. If we did not ensure reliability at every stage and continuously seek to improve the performance of our products at every point possible, we would not be here today. It’s the quality of our products - combined with the measures we put in place from concept to delivery and beyond - which earns the trust of our customers. When it comes to safety there is no margin for error or complacency. Click below to learn more about liferaft reliability.


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Packed and stowed with care

Meet our liferaft technician Dave Guy. The loyalty and expertise of Dave and all of our liferaft service technicians are what sets us apart, delivering on our values every day and helping to ensure the ultimate safety of your passengers and crew in the event of an emergency. For optimum performance, our liferafts undergo a strict packing process involving a buddy system to check predetermined critical steps.


Learn more about Dave Guy - Service technician


Depend on us to bring you home


Should disaster strike, you need a liferaft you can depend on to abandon ship quickly and safely - protecting the lives of your passengers and crew. At Survitec, our knowledge and expertise, combined with an in-depth understanding of what our customers need, has earned us a reputation for delivering safe, strong and reliable critical safety and survival solutions. At the heart of this success is our continued focus on reliability at every stage. From design, testing and manufacture - through to delivery, commissioning and operational servicing - we aim for excellence in everything we do.

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