Survitec Liferafts

With over 160 years of technical expertise, Survitec is world-renowned for the design and manufacture of reliable and innovative liferaft solutions.

As the world-leader in critical safety and survival solutions, you can be assured of dealing with a robust, reliable and sustainable organisation that is equipped and experienced to handle your liferaft needs with minimum fuss. 

 In addition, we offer unmatched after-market solutions including the largest service network available across key ports and locations globally, helping to ensure your equipment receives only the very best care and attention throughout its entire safety lifecycle.

Marine Liferafts

Survitec Marine Liferaft

We can equip your vessel with its liferaft needs through product supply or a rental agreement. Within our portfolio we offer some of the most trusted brands available including;
RFD, SurvitecZodiac and DSB. Every brand shares the same key focus; ensuring Survitec offer customers market longevity, quality and manufacturing excellence. We are also able to provide liferaft crew training, enabling your crew to be able to efficiently deploy the raft in an emergency.

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Commercial Aviation Liferafts

Survitec Aviation Liferaft

When a helicopter ditches and the crew and passengers have a matter of seconds to make a decision, it is crucial that they are equipped with the very best in life-saving equipment to aid their survival. The Heliraft has accumulated over two decades of in-service experience for both commercial and military applications and remains the benchmark standard against which modern aviation survival equipment is measured.the benchmark standard against which modern aviation

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Defence Liferafts

Survitec Defence Liferaft

Based on Survitec's tried and tested marine liferafts, the defence liferafts ensure maximum protection against the most extreme elements. Unlike a standard liferaft, the canopy and inflation tubes can be all manufactured from completely dark based fabrics.  The webbing lifelines are also dark coloured and there is a manually operated sea light on top of the raft. This can be switched off as required reducing the visible profile at night. This can be switched off as required

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Liferaft Services

All liferafts serviced at an approved Survitec service station will be subjected to a rigorous inspection by fully qualified technicians to ensure it is fit for purpose and maximise its performance if needed in an emergency.  Liferafts are serviced in accordance to the applicable service manual and requirements of the statutory body.


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