Since the IMO MSC.402(96) mandate of 2020, you are no longer obliged to use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or their agents for your commercial fleet lifeboat inspections. As a result, regardless of the make and type, you can have your lifeboats, davits and accessories inspected, repaired and certified through Survitec’s Lifeboat Inspection 402 solution. Get in touch to find out more.

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Our global, multi-brand lifeboat inspection solution


Your vessels spend less time in port and your fleet managers and administrators save the time and effort of arranging multiple inspections with potential associated travel costs. Moreover, with our solution there are no hidden costs or extra requirements such as OEM certification. Survitec's lifeboat inspection solution includes:

  • Annual and 5-year inspections meeting SOLAS Chapter III and IMO MSC.402(96) requirements.
  • Authorised multi-brand inspection covers all lifeboats, rescue boats, davits and hooks.
  • All work carried out to consistent global standards by our multi-skilled certified technicians
  • Fire systems and personal lifesaving equipment can be included.
  • Unrivalled global network with 60+ Flag authorisations and Global Class approvals.
  • Single point-of-contact streamlines administration and logistics.
  • Harmonised due dates reduces visit frequency and cost, with proactive due date monitoring and alerts enhancing compliance. 
  • Repair, refurbishment or replacement recommendations provided on completion of inspections.
  • Some repairs and refurbishments can be actioned out on-the-spot to save time and cost of repeat visits.
  • Supply and commissioning of new or replacement lifeboats, rescue boats, davits and hooks.
  • Fixed price agreements help control costs.
  • Port and service priority worldwide eliminates delays.


Lifeboat inspection 402 key features

More ports, more people, more experience 


No lifeboat manufacturer or independent service provider has greater global coverage for lifeboat inspection than us. We operate an efficient ‘hub and spoke’ based service network for our Lifeboat Inspection 402 solution. Over 60 Flag Administrations have authorised us for lifeboat inspections so wherever you sail, you know that we can support you.




3 options to choose from to deliver lifeboat inspection compliance for your fleet


With a choice of one-off spot visits or fixed-price agreements giving you additional benefits such as port and service priority, you have complete flexibility in how you access our lifeboat inspection solution. Whichever option you choose, our unrivalled global service operation gives you the confidence of worldwide compliance and simplified regulation for all annual and 5-year lifeboat inspections. Contact our team to find out which option best fits your requirements.

SPOT - on-demand visits, no commitment.

One quote, one visit, any port, for all lifeboats and davits, all makes and models. No commitment.

FRAME AGREEMENT - port priority, lower costs, no commitment.

The most popular Agreement currently for our customers, a Frame Agreement provides all the benefits of spot purchase while offering lower costs with fixed pricing. There is no commitment. Enhanced benefits include port priority, planned compliance programme and due date management. We assign you a single point of contact to align inspection due dates and sailing schedules on your behalf, simplifying administration and logistics.

SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT - Payment plan. Dedicated safety manager.

With this Agreement, you can control compliance costs by splitting them into consistent periodic payments for ease of management. The service includes providing you with a dedicated safety manager and fleet-specific online safety portal. This option further reduces costs and complexity by enabling you to combine lifeboat inspection visits with other safety equipment inspection or service requirements.

The agreement advantage


Many customers choose to partner with us by signing a Lifeboat Inspection 402 agreement. This delivers benefits that go beyond the standard service, adding predictable pricing and budgeting, personal account management, due date monitoring and port priority.

Fixed, predictable prices 

cost savingOur fixed prices include all mandatory parts of your annual and 5-year lifeboat inspections, including travel to all listed hub ports.

Port priority

The risks of delays in port can be costly for your organisation. As an Agreement customer, port priority means your vessels come first and your sailing schedules are protected. Your continuing compliance and ability to trade are always prioritised.

Single point of contact

You will have a single point of-contact throughout your agreement, with an experienced Account Manager backed by a dedicated service team who know your fleet and understand your needs. There is also no need to spend management or administrative time contacting and coordinating multiple suppliers for each inspection as we make all the arrangements for you.

Proactive due date management 

We manage the entire compliance schedule for you. Details of your fleet and equipment are held in our data system that provides 90-day, 60-day or 30-day notifications of certificate expiry for every lifeboat and item of critical equipment covered. Your dedicated Survitec service team then informs you and agrees the time and location for the next inspection.



Lifeboat Inspection 402


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