Isidro Ugbinada “Sid” expresses his infectious passion for safety

Sid’s experiences serve as stark reminders to vessel owners

Sid’s career in safety service began in 1992. Since then, he’s held several important service technician roles within the maritime industry in key ports, including Durban and Qatar.

Now based at our centre of excellence for fire service in Fujairah, Sid has been a Lead Service Technician at Survitec since 2018.

We had the pleasure of meeting Sid on a recent visit to the site. He has an infectious passion for safety. He’s highly dedicated and works exceptionally hard to fulfil the needs of his role, working with his teammates and getting the job done to the best of his ability.

Sid finds his role both challenging and interesting. We asked for his advice for someone looking to start their career as a technician. “It’s physically tough. There isn’t much time to turn a service around when onboard a vessel; anyone looking to get into the role must be strong and energetic.”

Talking about the challenges of his role, Sid tells us about a time he had to manage a difficult conversation with the captain of the vessel he was working on. “We discovered problems with the safety equipment onboard that needed to be solved before the vessel returned to sea,” Sid told us. “The captain was pressured to complete port calls and needed us to solve the problems quickly. However, that was not possible due to the extent of the problems,” explains Sid.

Sid’s experiences are a stark reminder to owners to regularly service and maintain the Survival Technology onboard their vessel to avoid it getting to the stage where it’s unusable and delaying port calls.

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Sid’s long-standing career in the industry and at Survitec demonstrates that a career as a Survitec Service Technician can be lifelong, challenging and rewarding.

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