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Environmental, social and governance have been long embedded in Survitec through various pioneering initiatives. In 2022 we commenced a journey of analysing our efforts, setting benchmarks, and forming an ESG committee responsible for driving forward our future vision.

As our ESG strategy develops, we are proactively working with multiple stakeholders across our business to improve our processes and procedures to ensure transparent reporting. Our initiatives focus on transparent governance and our commitment to the world we live in through a fairer society, a healthier planet and a more sustainable business.

Through all our decisions and actions, we have a responsibility to think about the legacy we leave behind.






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We collectively share accountability for areas that we believe we can positively impact. We track progress and performance using key indicators specific to each objective area. 

  • Ensure that we are in line with regulatory requirements and, where possible exceed the legal threshold for mandatory action
  • Implement relevant ESG measures globally
  • Ensure actions to reduce global footprint are initiated and implemented
  • Enhance control over the supply chain


Our Board oversee its implementation at the governance level, while our colleagues actively monitor it.

  • Increase in the use of renewable energy globally by 2030
  • Increase the completion rates of our colleagues engagement survey
  • GhG reduction by 2030 and 2050
  • Targeting management diversity
  • Increase the number of community engagements









Our social activities are related to our relationship with our stakeholders from our colleagues, suppliers to working with those in the areas we operate in.

We place human rights at the cornerstone of our philosophy, caring deeply and investing in our people. We operate within diverse societies worldwide and foster relationships with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we do business. We actively seek advanced ways to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, safety, and quality of life for our people and the communities we impact. We aim to continuously improve Survitec’s ability to attract and retain talented colleagues and boost productivity through increased internal morale and engagement.


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Awards & Achievements

Over the years, we have been honoured with highly respected awards that acknowledge our dedication to life safety.

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Global Health and Occupational Safety Team (GHOST) leaders

GHOST aims to equip all areas of our business with the tools and knowledge to drive consistent and best-in-class safety practices.

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Environmental activities relate to the environment, living and non-living natural systems, including land, air and water ecosystems. We have adopted a strategic, joined-up approach working towards a group-wide sustainability vision. In partnership with our stakeholders, we are consciously responsible for our footprints on our planet. We have opportunities to improve our performance in reducing our carbon footprint year after year, being mindful of air, land and sea ecosystems and increasing our use of renewable energy sources.









At Survitec, we pledge to honour our Purpose: We Exist to Protect Lives. Our values, Code of Conduct and Trust Pledge align to ensure we are working together as One Survitec, so we can deliver on our purpose and realise our vision of being the world’s most trusted company for critical safety and survival solutions. We are committed to delivering for our people, planet, and prosperity requires governance, integration, collaboration, agility, trust and transparency.

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We recognise the global issue of single-plastics, and we are committed to doing what we can to drive down unnessary waste wherever possible. In line with this aspiration, all colleagues have been gifted a thermal water bottle and a ban of single use plastic water bottles and cups at our sites and offices has been introduced. This will not only contribute to our overall waste resduction targets, but also reduce the risk of those plastics entering the world’s nrivers, seas, and oceans, which it is our privilige to help keep safe, secure and viable for generations to come.





Are you interested in finding out more about our Environmental, Sustainability and Governance at Survitec?  Please download our booklet below.

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Introducing our first ESG report

We operate in a rapidly evolving landscape, with an increasing industry demand for accountability and transparency regarding our environmental and social impacts alongside our governance procedures.  Please download our booklet below.


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