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Your head start to maritime safety: Let us set your vessel on course for a lifetime of safety at sea

High-quality equipment. Through-life support. Global reach.

From planning, through construction, to commissioning and beyond, we aim to deliver an unparalleled, safety-first service to set up your new vessel for a lifetime of safety at sea. We can support you with expert advice and recommendations, a broad product portfolio of high-quality, SOLAS-compliant safety equipment and – once your new vessel is operational – a global servicing network to ensure your vessel remains safe and compliant throughout its many years at sea.

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  • Survitec Calls For Greater Industry Oversight For Fire Safety Inspections Fire Protection And Detection

    The cost of inadequate fire safety inspections

    The number of fire-safety-related deficiencies found on board ships has soared, so we at Survitec ask: is it time for more governance?

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  • Survitec Fire Safety Service Rigorous Inspections Thumbnail

    Quality-assured fire safety services

    We can inspect and maintain all your fire safety equipment. We offer global coverage from specialist fire safety technicians, to ensure regulatory compliance and failsafe fire protection at sea.

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  • Safety Study Demonstrates The Need For New Safety Rules

    Is it time for new safety rules for methanol?

    Our fire safety team put current firefighting measures to the test, to find out how Local Application Firefighting systems perform on methanol fires.

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  • Survitec Smarr Ti Graphical Monitoring Teaser

    Digitalise ship safety management

    Our new graphical monitoring technology, SMARR-TI, allows you to monitor and control all your onboard fire safety systems within one integrated and easy-to-use solution.

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  • Survitec Fire Systems How Do We Best Prevent And Control Fire Involving Evs

    Fire safety and lithium-ion batteries

    After high-profile ship fires involving electrical vehicles, Rafal Kolodziejski, our Head of Product Support & Development, explains why prevention & early detection are key.

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  • Survitec Fire Protection And Detection Dry Dock Safety Service

    Optimise your dry dock safety service 

    Discover our new, fully-managed supply and service solution. We cover the full range of safety equipment on board your vessel, providing expert support from start to finish.

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  • Survitec Fire Protection Detection Whitepaper

    Protecting the next generation of vessels

    The race to decarbonise and enhance sustainability brings new challenges for safety management & fire protection, requiring new solutions to ensure ships continue to operate safely. 

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