Reliable, high-performing solutions for when every second counts. Explore our range of superior designs with through-life support.

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Through-life support, from the initial supply to servicing, inspection, maintenance & repair.

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  • Survitec Marine Rescue Boats Bespoke Solutions

    Bespoke Solutions

    We offer custom solutions developed to meet your specific and demanding rescue boat operations. We take your project from concept to reality using superior designs, the highest quality materials and our expert technicians.

  • Low Fuel Consumption

    Low Fuel Consumption

    With optimal weight to power ratio, our rescue boats provide you with faster acceleration and enhanced handling. Your rescue boat will be optimised for maximum passenger and equipment payload, yet it will not drain your fuel tank.

  • Robust New

    Robust Materials

    Manufactured with incredibly durable construction, our range of rescue boats are tested at every stage. With complete through-life service, we use our 80 years of expertise to provide you with the best solution.


Our davit range

Providing you with two decades of knowledge</strong> - Our range of davits are designed and manufactured by a European based manufacturing partner, whom hold over 20 years’ experience. The range has been designed in accordance with the rules and regulations as published by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), SOLAS &amp; MED.

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