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Survitec Lifeboats Seahaven


Discover the world's largest inflatable lifeboat

Borne from the collaboration of our aerospace, defence and maritime Survival Technology expertise, our two-lifeboat system is complementary to MES and evacuates up to 1,060 passengers in under 22 minutes. Rewriting what’s possible in terms of safety, reliability, and deck footprint in one revolutionary product, Seahaven means a new era of potential for the cruise industry.

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  • Lifeboat Load Test

    Lifeboat 5-yearly load test

    Providing load test equipment hire or full lifeboat load testing as per Class Surveyor requirements.

  • Lifeboats Cylinder Testing

    Lifeboat cylinder testing and replacement

    Performing the necessary lifeboat cylinder testing, refills and replacements you require.

  • Lifeboats Fall Wire

    Lifeboat fall wire replacement

    Replacement of lifeboat fall wires if deterioration is present or at intervals of not more than 5-years.


Lifeboat Inspection 402

Since the SOLAS Chapter III & IMO MSC.402(96) regulation mandate of 2020, customer fleets are no longer required to use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or their agents for lifeboat inspection. To help our customers save time in port and reduce the admin of arranging multiple inspections, we have updated our Lifeboat Inspection 402 offer.

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