Purpose Day is yet another way we bring our purpose, We Exist to Protect Lives, to life, showing that we are not just a company but a family committed to making meaningful impact.

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This year, there have been so many worthwhile causes, activities and organisations we have supported. From volunteering at dog shelters, helping out at pony sanctuaries, cleaning up litter in parks, forests, and coastlines, brightening the lives of nursing home residents and assisting foodbanks and clothing donation centres – the list goes on.

Our actions are a testament to the power of our shared values and are linked to our Environmental, Social, and Governance (EGS) commitments.

Watch our teams in action

Survitec Sharon Centre-Preparing and serving meals at ronald mcdonals house.jpg

Preparing and serving meals at Ronald McDonald house

Survitec Poland - 50 colleagues engaged in a forest cleanup initiative2.jpg

A group of 50 employees from Stobno office in Poland participated in a forest cleanup initiative and managed to clean collect 2.5 m3 of rubbish in 30 Bbig bags.

Survitec Vancouver- Invasive Ivy removal and garbage pickup in local trail.jpg

Helping to remove invasive Ivy as well as garbage pickup on a Vancouver trail

Survite Miami-We inspected, sorted, and packed 14k lbs of food that will provide the 11k meals to the food insecure of South Florida.jpg

Packing 14k lbs of food to provide the 11k meals to the food insecure of South Florida

Survitec Gosport Restoring swimming pool.jpg

Renovating a community swimming pool and surrounding areas in Gosport

Survitec Algiras-dog shelter.jpg

Providing a dog shelter with food and first aid products in Algeciras

Survitec Algiras-trail clean up.jpg

Beach clean up in Algeciras

Survitec Birkenhead-Mariners Park retirement Village for Merchant seamen and women.jpg

Supporting a retirement Village for Merchant seamen and women in Grimsby

Survitec Eschershausen-cleaned the whole city of Eschershausen.jpg

47 colleagues cleaning up all over the city of Eschershausen

Survitec Barcelona-spending 2 days in local nursing home.jpg

Colleagues in Barcelona spent time sharing experiences with older people in their local nursing home over two days, including performing a theatre show together.

Survitec London Food bank.jpg

Supporting Food For All in London

Survitec Dunmurry-Gardening at primary school.jpg

Improving the garden of a Dunmurry Primary school

Survitec Sharon Centre-capes for courage.jpg

Colleagues in Sharon Centre were sewing capes for courage

Survitec Ellsemere port- volunteering at a pony sanctuary.jpg

Volunteering at Parkgate Pony sanctuary near Ellesmere Port

Survitec Singapore-pick litter around Sembawang Beach.jpg

Assisting a big litter pick around Sembawang Beach, helping to clean their community

Survitec Glasgow-volunteered our services to Erskine Veterans Hospital.jpg

Volunteering our services to Erskine Veterans Hospital in Glasgow

Survitec Grimsby-local beach cleanup in Cleethorpes.jpg

Cleethorpe beach cleanup

Survitec Sharon Center-Help flowerscape program. Creating a new flowerbed by removing grass, cleaning , raking, and spreading.jpg

Creating new flowerbeds by removign grass, cleaning, raking adn spearding wildflowers

Survitec Sharon Center-Feeding medina county_stockign adn organising.jpg

Supporting "Feeding Medina" County by stocking and organising

Surviec Sharon Centre-Keeping Akron beautiful by digging up taller perennials to transplant at another location.jpg

Keeping Akron beautiful by digging up taller perennials to transplant at another location

Survitec Sharon Center-Picking up trash at 77 and Copley road.jpg

Big litter pick in Akron

Survitec Sharon Center-One of a kind Pet rescue_Cleaning kennels and dog training.jpg

Cleaning kennels and training dogs at "One of a kind pet rescue"

Survitec supporting Coppershell Animal Sanctuary.jpeg

Helping out at Coppershell Animal Sanctuary

Survitec South Korea cleanup activities in an local ecological park.jpg

Cleaning a local park in Busan that was created to preserve the environment & provide people with a space to enjoy nature

Survitec Greece-helping save the Tails shelter.jpg

Petting, playing, washing, walking and nose booping at "Save the tails" dog shelter in Greece

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Purpose day 2022

Purpose Day 2021

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