Cabinet For Fire Extinguishers 6 kg to 9 kg

Product Sku: 766827

These top of the range cabinets allow users to store any type of fire extinguisher that ranges from 6 to 9 kg, with two options within this weight range. Manufactured from polyethylene (PE), these cabinets are durable from the elements as well as being environmentally friendly with the material being easily recycled after use.
The small compact size of the cabinets mean that they can be stored in various locations without reducing too much footprint inside your vessel. A range of fire extinguishers are available from Survitec, including powder, foam, CO2 and water, either in stored pressure or cartridge.


  • Window allows equipment to be checked quickly without the need to remove it from the cabinet
  • You can wall or floor mount these cabinets to suit your storage availability
  • The plastic hinges and door catches give a longer life than traditional steel
  • The rubber door seal gives you additional protection against moisture and dusts



270 mm


400 mm


840 mm


IMO Sign Portable Extinguisher

Part Code: 659201

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