SurvitecZodiac Evacuation Slide System (ESS)

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A patented fully-automated MES for low freeboard vessels. The deployment of an ESS Auto system frees up members of the crew to assist in other areas of the evacuation such as marshalling the passengers. A simple-to-use electronic release button situated either on the vessel bridge or at a remote control point is used to deploy the system. Once activated, a central bowsing line system removes the need for manual bowsing. This hands-free system is fully deployed in approximately one minute.


  • Specifically designed for Low Freeboard Vessels
  • Combination of slide + liferaft/ORIL stowed in an innovative space-saving container for safe and speed evacuation for all passengers. ESS slide + Liferaft/ORIL
  • Several models are available for vessels with free board heights from 1.5 to 3.8m
  • Innovative and slim line stowage container
  • Easy deployment: once safety operations are carried out, the automatic deployment and inflation of the system occurs in under 60 seconds

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