Heating Blanket System

Designed to both meet and exceed polar code requirements, our polar code liferaft solution provides the ability to maintain the essential functionality of your liferaft at very low temperatures (down to -60°C) keeping the liferaft and associated equipment always ready for use and ensuring inflation. This is achieved using a heating blanket system which is placed over the liferaft container. This has been tested at -70°C after being kept for 50 hours at -70°C.

Build-up of ice and snow can prove dangerous on board your vessel as it reduces the crafts stability and this then increases the risk of capsizing. Using the heating blanket system provides a superior guard against excess ice and snow build up on the liferaft, allowing for increased protection.

The heating blanket operates through use of a thermostatic control unit which can manage up to five liferafts and accompanying polar code hydrostatic release units (HRU). It is easy to install on new constructions and perfectly adaptable for retrofits.


  • Operating temperature: down to -60°C (tested down to -70°C)
  • Available for the use with any Survitec Solas approved Liferaft
  • Available in two cradle options and two colours (grey or white)
  • Heating blanket automatically stops or starts at +5°C

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