Gas-Pro TK Detector

Gas-Pro TK is a gas detection unit especially designed for tankers. It is made for use in inert environments where standard gas detectors just won’t work. Gas-Pro TK overcomes this due to its dual infra-red sensors. One common hydrocarbon detection method is pellistor sensors. However, these sensors require the presence of oxygen to work, and if hydrocarbon levels get too high it can compromise the sensors’ effectiveness. Gas-Pro TK meets these unique challenges with its dual infra-red sensors and ability to check tanks both full of hydrocarbon and fully purged with inert gas.

A gas detection unit is a vital piece of equipment for crew members entering any enclosed space or tank. The SOLAS XI-1/7 regulation requires all ships engaged in international voyages to have a minimum of one portable 4-gas detection unit onboard.


  • Measures 4 gases
  • Can pump with up to 30,0 meters sampling hose
  • Measures any mixtures with oxygen in the tank, down to no oxygen present, due to IR sensor
  • Full data/event logging for record keeping
  • Robust unit for harsh environments IP65 & IP67
  • One button for ease of use
  • Top mount display for quick decision making
  • Clear display with dual colour backlight
  • Front, top and side visible alarm windows
  • Four sensor apertures
  • Large resonant sound cavity for ultra-loud audible alarm
  • Easy solutions for bump tests

Gas-Pro TK Service Offer

Part Code: 778962

Regulator Valve for 34 L Spangas Cylinder (Stainles steel)

Part Code: 620013

Cal Gas Disposable 4-Mix 100 ppm CO, 15 ppm H2S, 2.2% CH4, 18% O2

Part Code: 742951

Gas-Pro Charging Cradle (No power, need power supply)

Part Code: 778946

1 m Standard Hose (includes tube insert)

Part Code: 656835

10 m Standard Hose (includes tube insert)

Part Code: 56819

20 m Standard Hose (includes tube insert)

Part Code: 656827

30 m Standard Hose (includes tube insert)

Part Code: 778942

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