The SART projects a distress signal providing the exact location of the user on the X-BAND display. This is housed by a polycarbonate shell which is reinforced with glass fibre providing increased durability. The Radar SART and AIS-SART have been designed specially for the use in search and rescue operations and has been named a 'Search and Rescue locating device' according to IMO SOLAS Amendment in Resolution MSC.256(84).


  • Designed for use in search and rescue operations
  • Gives the exact location of the distressed on the radar X-band display
  • 5 years warranty
  • New non-hazardous battery
  • Unique range of accessories
  • Incorporated into Jotron recycle program
  • Complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations
  • MED and FCC approved

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