MK7 Oil Mist Detector

The Graviner Mk 7 OMD system is an auto addressed oil mist detection system. The system can comprise up to 100 detectors directly mounted on the crankcases of up to 10 engines, allowing both main propulsion and auxiliary generators to be monitored at the same time.

Each detector communicates electronically via the engine mounted Control Unit with the optional Remote Display Unit designed to be mounted within the engine control room. This eliminates the need to enter the machinery space during alarm conditions.

On power-up the detectors gather the oil mist density data and is transmitted to the control unit on the side of the engine. The Remote Display Unit houses a 7.5" LCD Touch Screen display that shows, on demand signals from each detector and indicates the oil mist levels for each engine. The display also shows the status of the system and signals the oil mist levels for the relevant engine in the event of an alarm.


  • Auto addressed system monitoring up to 10 detector heads per control unit
  • Up to 10 control units per single system
  • Suitable for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines
  • Elimination of sample pipes - reduced installation costs
  • Engine mounted Control Unit
  • Optional Remote Display Unit mounted in a safe area, typically the Engine Control Room (ECR)


*Please note that this product is only available in Singapore

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