Trellchem Splash 600 Chemical Suits

The Splash 600 suit gives you basic protection against chemical splash and spray in low-risk environments.


  • Non encapsulating design
  • Can be used with Breathing Apparatus (BA) Set or Filter masks
  • Elasticated legs and drawstring hood
  • You can use the Light T with any standard BA sets you have onboard
  • It is available in 3 sizes to give you a correct fit
  • The Trellchem Splash material is made of a strong PVC coated fabric providing you with a soft and durable material
  • It gives you good resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals, especially acids and alkali’s
  • We provide a global network to support you with the service and repair of your chemical suits

*We aim to stock all products marked with an asterisks at our key locations.


Chemical Suits Safety Boots - Size 42

Part Code: 571018

Chemical Suits Safety Boots - Size 43*

Part Code: 571026

Chemical Suits Safety Boots - Size 44*

Part Code: 571034

Chemical Suits Safety Boots - Size 45*

Part Code: 571042

Repair Kit Trellchem Light & Splash 600 suits suit

Part Code: 775010

Gloves PVC f/Trellchem Light and Splash*

Part Code: 749846

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