Crew Endurance

The Crew Endurance suit is fully approved to the current SOLAS MED regulations and are designed to protect the wearer’s body from the cooling effects of unintended immersion in water to prolong life and to aid rescue.

Constructed from 5mm fire retardant neoprene, the suit provides good insulation to reduce the risk of cold shock and delay the onset of hypothermia. All seams, with the exception of the external belt loops which are welded, are glued and blind-stitched to ensure they are totally waterproof. Critical areas, including the foot sole, are also taped for additional reinforcement. Quick and easy to don within

the specified two minutes, each is supplied in its own carry bag with donning instructions included on both the bag and the suit. The hi-vis detailing, combined with the SOLAS approved reflective tape, also makes the wearer conspicuous in the water so as to aid their recovery.


  • 50mm nylon lifting strop harness with stainless steel D-ring
  • Designed to be unpacked and donned in 2 minutes
  • MED/SOLAS approved reflective tape
  • Waterproof, durable metal zip
  • Neoprene face flap
  • Withstands the impact of a jump into water from 4.5m
  • Fire retardant neoprene construction
  • Resistant to damage by oil, sunlight and seawater
  • Prevents a typical wearer’s core body temperature from dropping by more than 2 ºc after six hours in calm water of 0-2 ºc
  • Buddy line and whistle
  • Ankle adjusters


Important: This immersion suit must be worn with an approved, compatible lifejacket. See product datasheet for further details.


Seacrewsader 275N Auto Hood

Part Code: 1143-AUTO

Crewsaver Surface Light (CSL)

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