Universal Light

The universal light is one of the only lights available to date that can accommodate both surface and recess mounting solutions effectively. The light can be attached to a point on the jacket to become a surface light or placed into a circular housing unit which is permanently recessed in the lifejacket.

When recess mounts are used the light has an extremely low profile and is non-intrusive. Once expired the light is easily replaced. If purchasing the recessed mounting option the light is supplied with two brackets allowing swap-out of both Crewsaver and non-Crewsaver light options.

Additionally, the light can be purchased with either an attached cable and water activated sensor or without cable and integrated sensor. The integrated sensor option will flash automatically once fully immersed in water where as the cable with sensor option will flash only on constant contact with water.

Key Features

  • Activates on contact with water or manually
  • Flashing LED light
  • SOLAS, MED & USCG Approved
  • Minimum 8hrs light duration
  • 5 Year storage life


How to fit a rectangular recess light housing

You can find more "How To Guides" in our Video Section.


Universal Recessed Housing

Part Code: 10269

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